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Target has asked for me to file a review to help other customers. I certainly hope my review does help other Target customers!

I placed an order for a surprise 15th Wedding Anniversary for my son. He lives in MN and I live in CA.I had to place an order to be shipped to him.

The order was placed on Feb.11th using a Target REDcard. Corporate must know what that is? Using the REDcard allows for free shipping and shipping in two days as persons using a REDcard understand.

Well, following the order of a 60" Greystone Fire Table, Target notified us that the table would arrive on Feb 19th and not the 13th. I called Target and was told that I would receive an additional 15% discount for the delay. That did not happen.

I called the shipper and was told that the Fire Pit was delayed further. Target never informed me of thedelays without my contact to Target.

When an order was finally delivered, my son opened the item, assembled it, donated his original dining table and disposed the box it was shipped in. It is my thought that someone at Target wanted the Fire Pit and switched it out for a wood dining table. Target has no record of what was actually delivered and where my paid for Fire Pit is.

I contacted Target and spoke with a supervisor in Minneapolis named Andre and he instructed me to FILE A POLICE REPORT and that he could not help me any further. I was left trying to locate my ordered item. Asking the consumer to locate the lost shipment is insane! We did not lose the item!! Target did

Finally, after being hung up on 6 times in two hours and dealing with persons who only read from a script, a "supervisor"(everyone on Target order line is a supervisor) re ordered the Fire Pit and it was scheduled for deliver on March 16th. 5 weeks past the original order date. Was I upset? You betcha!

I was emailed a label from this same Target "supervisor" to return the wood dining table. I obviouslyrefused after all that has happened with Target delivering the wrong gift and so long after the order and scheduled delivery dates. Especially, since all that my son had been forced to go thru for a wrong item delivered.

I was told by multiple Target "supervisors" that if I did not return the wrong order I would be charged for it. How much? No one ,not even the many, many, Target "supervisors" (everyone at Target seems to be titled a "supervisor") ever provided an order number a price or a fair resolution. No one from Target could find what was sent or where my order was. I think it is sitting at a Target employees home somewhere.

Upon checking with the Fair Trade Commission, I was told that when an item is shipped without being ordered it becomes a gift. I read case law and the same holds. I was not required to return or pay for an un ordered item.

Furthermore, after all the shipping delays without proper notification (which I was told had been noted on this order file) the hassle of ME trying to locate my Fire Pit gift with the shipper and Target and all the calls and wasted time spent getting no where, I feel a refund of this order is completely expected. Not providing proper notification regarding Change of delivery dates is a violation with the FTC and each offense can be a fine of $16,000.00 to Target.

To all you consumers who have filed your reviews against Target, be sure and file your complaints to the Federal Trade Commission.They offer an online complaint form that is very easy to use. Federal Trade Commission provided information regarding "30 day rule" and "Delivery Option Notice" under FTC Violations 435.2 mail, internet or telephone sales. Include this section of FTC law to your complaint.

Also, the Consumer Affairs has an online complaint form. They want to hear your complaint.They actually have an attorney who will take your complaint and assist. The more complaints received, The better chance Target will be forced to clean up their dirty dealings and the better chance you will have getting your money back or the correct item received.

"Pissed off Consumers online" would like to hear your review as well.

I exhausted my efforts working with Target Customer Care "supervisors" and contacted the CEO Brian Cornell and Target VP Tina Tyler. Brian stated on Bulls Eye View that he was going to make certain that customers experienced a "hassle free shopping experience" with him as the new Target CEO. He made other comments to ease my mind about contacting Brian for assistance. According to a woman at the corporate offices in Minneapolis by the first name of Kristen, these two corporate officers asked Kristen to take care of the matter.

Here is a huge problem with dealing with Target Customer care, they never allow phone calls to speak with a live agent handling the complaint. No last names are ever provided and no resolutions are ever made to assist the consumers. The only time a live no name agent is available, is during the order process. Why? Target never wants to lose a sale at any cost. Target will rip off the consumers to keep every penny.

Two days prior to the re ordered Fire Pit scheduled delivery, March 16th, which is 5 weeks past original ordered date, I received notice that the order had been canceled. I never canceled the order and my son has been waiting for his over due gift.

I have been dumped on by a no name woman at corporate level, Kristen, who has just completely confused and caused havoc to the entire matter. AND kept my order from being shipped to my son.

Today, approximately 7 weeks after my original order, Kristen informs me that the Fire Pit was refunded and that because it was refunded, she cannot place another order. Kristen stated that I would have to pay for a new order. One major problem. I have already paid for the original item.Kristen claims that I asked for the order to be refunded so therefore, it was canceled. To date I have not received a refund. Why would any one place a second order when one is paid for and expected to be shipped? Kristen offered a $50 eight card to reorder. Pretty good deal for Target, send one Fire Pit for two fees minus only $50. Great profit for Target, big rip off for consumers!

I went online yesterday and found 7 weeks later, that Target has changed the price for the Fire Pit from $425 which was the price on Feb.11th to $499. Target is stating a "big sale" on this Fire Pit from $ 499 to $450. It sure seems to be a scam! Target is refusing to deliver my lost, paid for, Fire Pit and has increased the price.

I have asked for Target to send the ordered Fire Pit and refund the price due to all the "hassles" that Target CEO claims will not happen with him as CEO! Based on his false statements alone, Target should have offered to refund the item and ship the re order on the scheduled delivery date. I have not received the ordered item or the refund Kristen claims has been made.

Kristen's refund statements should have been presented weeks ago when I sent a mailed letter to Target VP Tina on Feb. 21st. This date is when I asked for the VP to refund the price due to all the hassles. Perhaps the Refund and the Fire Pit are sitting at the CEO's home? Who knows, certainly not Target or my family.

I could have just kept quiet and waited for the re ordered Fire Pit to be delivered to my son and then deal with the problem. However, that would be dishonest just like Target! Who knows what further "hassles" Target would have presented to my innocent son who is just waiting for his gift. This all has been so unnecessary and cruel.

I always shopped at Target in Austin MN but that store has closed. A lot, of people I know, refused to shop there because of horrible refund policies and poor customer care. Target had better wake up or there will be no Target! The employees will be without pay checks for work. Work that they do not perform. I am exhausted trying to do their employees jobs starting with Target corporate officers, Brian and Tina!!

Save your money, save your sanity and shop at a store that cares for their consumers. Target clearly does not abide by Federal Trade Laws. Target "supervisor"s and corporate officers hide out. If you want to file a compliant, you must send a written paper letter. No emails or calls. Target is certainly not a green corporation!! SHAME ON TARGET!

There are strict consumer laws to protect the public and other businesses from unfair competition such as Target has exhibited time and time again.

There are many reviews from other customers with my same complaints. Ordering items which the wrong item is shipped. Paying for orders that do not arrive and no refund of the original order is ever given. Calling different call centers and getting no name reps that no one can deal with. Having many "supervisors" hang up while trying to deal with the wrong order. Being asked to rectify the order problem yourself with the help of any Target employee.

The biggest fraud of this experience has been FALSE ADVERTISING.On March 2, 2016 Target CEO, Brian Cornell stated on A BULLS Eye View during Target leaders annual investment community meeting, that He "understands how to make guests lives easier" Brian goes on to state "guests should be able to rely on Target for a HASSLE-FREE shopping experience. He states, "our focus in 2016 and beyond is on providing a seamless, reliable and enjoyable guest experience each and every time". My personal experience and that of others as reported, have been anything but what Target CEO has falsely claimed.

When shopping at any Target store, There is a posted sign that states "How can we help?" Under return or exchange it it written, "We promise to do everything to make sure you are satisfied." TOTALLY, TOTALLY FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! I continue to ask for my paid order to be delivered and I continue to get hassle after hassle for Kristen, the corporate scape-goat.

I will ask for the last time, Target, send my ordered and paid for Fire Pit!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

Reason of review: Paid for item, never delivered..

Monetary Loss: $495.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I liked: Leaving, That i exposed the ceo to being a complete fraud.

I didn't like: Target stole my cash and did not deliver my ordered item, Online process.

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  • Target Ceo
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Suffolk, Virginia, United States #1317696

I don't shop at Target but due to the excessive length of your review, I won't be shopping there. Seems like too much drama.


Outstanding review. YOU should work for Target in the corporate office because I have a feeling you'd do a phenomenal job.

Bravo! For helping potential customers; I won't be shopping at Target.


You're an ***. It's obvious that the wrong item got shipped in error.

An exchange of the items would be the honest thing to do. It seems you feel you should benefit from the mistake, get a free table, have them send you a fire pit and give you a full refund as well.

No one in their right mind would do that for you and expect to stay in business. A package was obviously delivered but since you won't send it back why should they believe it wasn't the fire pit?

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