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Target: Expect LESS Pay MORE!!!

Someone was kind enough to give me a $100 gift card which I used to buy Xmas presents. The total of my order was $104.34 so I provided my VISA info to pay the overage. They charged my card for the $4.34 AND then $54.61 which was NOT authorized leaving a credit on the gift card of $54.61.

I called customer service with a 20+ minute wait time. The first CSR told me there was only $45.39 on the gift card. I told her NO it was $100 and I insisted on talking to a Manager or Supervisor. The call was then "Disconnected".

I called back with another 20+ minute wait time and was finally transferred to a Supervisor who said she was sorry that the CSR hung up on me and that she would issue a credit to my VISA card in 7-10 DAYS for the UNAUTHORIZED charge of $54.61.

BUT that was my money for Christmas Dinner! Now all we have for Christmas day is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while I WAIT for Target to correct THEIR error!

In the meantime I have received emails about a $38 credit but they have shut down my gift card so I can't even see if the credit is going back on the card or if it will eventually be credited to my VISA card and what about the remaining $16. I have already spent 2 1/2 hours on Xmas eve dealing with this and will have to call again to get ALL of my money back.

Target steals from the poor and gives to the rich!

Merry Christmas Target!!!! I will never shop at or in store again and will politely refuse ANY further gift cards from this store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

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Why wait until the last minute to do your shopping? If you would shop ahead of time you wouldn't be in this predicament.

Peanut butter sandwiches are better than nothing.

We didn't have a traditional Thanksgiving meal and we aren't having a traditional Christmas meal either, because of the cost.

to anonymous Richmond, Virginia, United States #763432

WOW! All of you must have plenty of money. I have bills and rent to pay that came first!

I would have loved to have shopped early!

to Anonymous Ashburn, Virginia, United States #765364

The only sensible statement I've read in months.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #763402

"BUT that was my money for Christmas Dinner! Now all we have for Christmas day is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while I WAIT for Target to correct THEIR error!" Really? If that was the case you got your priorities all screwed up......

to LTCC #763403

The gift card was for $100. My cost was supposed to be only $4.34 Which would have been enough to buy presents AND dinner.

My budgeting was right on line for both.

to LTCC Toronto, Ontario, Canada #763850

Learn how to read genius. She was charged $54.61 on her gift card and her credit card as well as the $4.34.

That means her total came to $113.56.

OP LTCC is a troll who no one on this site likes. Why if you search his username on this site they even posted a separate complaint about him.

to LTCC Ashburn, Virginia, United States #765365

Troll much? Add up the numbers.

Then when all is said and done, look at the cold fact of who was paying who. Now go run back to Mommy's basement and lick your wounds like the evil little child you've shown yourself to be.

Target stole the rest of the gift certificate, or are you just too immature to pick up on the fact?

to Anonymous Toronto, Ontario, Canada #765370

Who is directed to me or LTCC, because I told LTCC off for trolling the review. I added the numbers up and came to the conclusion that she was being over charged by nearly $10.

to Anonymous #765371

This powter from Ashburn, Virginia just has a grudge against Target because they refused to change the rules just for her. She clearly is not reading the replies and just has a thing for Target.

Makes her look quite foolish. She even accused one person (male) who told another customer off(when the wife was wrong) of being a woman beater and rapist.

to Anonymous #766032

How mature are you. Are you still in your parents basement without a good career.

Shame on you. Target pays you to belittle others.

Get a life like going back to school, get a degree, get a real job, take care of your own responsibilities, stop colleting welfare, do something with your life. We are sick of you.

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