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I ordered Christmas presents for my grandson and paid $19 extra for expedited shipping to obtain a delivery date by Christmas. Later that day, Target sent me an email stating the items could not be delivered until 1/11/12.

The e-mail said I could cancel the order, but when I tried to do that online, I could never find a link that enabled me to cancel. When I called the "Contact us" phone no., a rep named "Frank" informed me I could not cancel the order because my call came in more than 30 minutes after the online order was placed! (Never mind that Target's email to me was sent well after that same 30-minute timeframe.) Finally, after speaking with (yelling at) the initial rep's supervisor, I was told they "would make an exception for me" and the order would be canceled. I then purchased alternative gifts for my grandson via Amazon's website.

Last night, I received an email informing me that the Target order had shipped! Once again, there is no way to modify the order either on Target's website or UPS' website (UPS advises to contact the shipper - right!!!).

I have thrown up my hands at this point but will never place an online order through Target again. When I have more time, I will attempt to contact Target's corporate headquarters to complain about their customer service rep's utter contempt for Target customers and Target's seemingly deliberate tactics to make it impossible to resolve issues through their website.

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I can't wait until you contact Target's corporate headquarters to complain about their customer service reps. If you think you have had a hard time so far, just wait. The corporate headquarters experience will take you to whole new heights in frustration and anger!

Please write back about THAT experience after you call them.

Buckle up - you are in for a real jarring!!

Despite Target and their minions, I wish you a Merry Christmas anyway.

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