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I bought a cd from target opened it and it wasn't the cd I thought it was gonna be so I tried to return it with the receipt and everything and they still wouldn't do it. A lady in customer service was extremely rude about it..

Couldn't even exchange it for what o wanted. It had to be another cd or DVD which is complete *** !!!!

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This is to prevent you from copying the cd, returning it and getting a new one. Then you copy THAT one and return it

Most stores have this policy to avoid fraud.

Exact exchanges only. You'll have to be more vigilant with your details before buying again

Orlando, Florida, United States #897258

Every retail store has the policy that if you open a CD, DVD, Blu Ray, software or video game it is yours. The only thing the store can do is exchange it for the EXACT same item. This has been a policy/rule in retail for 20 years or more.

Orange, California, United States #896752

Next time you go and buy a CD or DVD check with your parents first. Tell them exactly what you want to buy and show them the CD or DVD you were planning on purchasing.

They could then read the CD or DVD title to you and tell you if it is what you want or not. Also telling someone "no" is not the same as being rude. I am sure when you did something wrong your parents or your second grade teacher told you "no". Telling you "no" is not being rude, there are rules and regulations set by your parents and retailers.

Your parents and teachers set rules and regulations so you don't hurt yourself or other people. Retailer's set rules and regulations so they don't get scammed or cheated.

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