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A cashier named Shaquita at the Tuscaloosa AL store started ringing me up, bagged my grocery and then without notice started ringing up the person(s) behind me before telling me I needed to move so that the 2nd person behind me could use the credit card machine. She had paused my transaction without me knowing and got upset when I asked her what she couldn't just let me know what she was doing so I could move.

The 3rd customer behind me almost took my groceries by mistake because Shaquita didn't even move them. She was moved off her register at that point and she continued to tell me that I needed to act grown.... Surprisingly to my amusement. She then balled her fist up as to threaten me, unsuccessfully.

I told her how bad her customer service and hair style was before she turned toward me again in attempt to threaten me. Her CSL escorted her to the break area and I began recording my conversation with him and called corporate customer service. I could've mistaken this visit as a visit to Walmart. I had no idea Target had people like her working in Customer Service.

I had never experienced any employee like her. I'll go back but I would hope that I won't have to deal with her because my temperament might be not as good as it was tonight and that could be bad.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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So you didn't put the grocery divider down?

Orlando, Florida, United States #958983

LOL. Something about this doesn't make sense.

Why would she start ringing the customer behind you if you weren't finished yet? Were you taking too long or something?


You told the cashier that her hairstyle was bad? Are you 5 years old? Grow the *** up.

to Grow up #928172

I would have said she is at least six years old, but yeah she must be five, even a six year old knows better.

to Grow up #928590

hi kevin


You did not act grown up, why not tell her that she was not done with your groceries and some of the stuff on the belt was still yours? When she started ringing up the other customer why did you not tell her you still had things on the belt?

Do you need mommy to come shopping with you and speak up for you? She is right you need to act grown up, and if you are the age you act you should be shopping with a parent. You cannot blame her if the third customer accidentally took your groceries. Also why should she stop checking other's out just to wait for you to be done.

The cashier had a valid point when she told you to grow up. Telling her her hair style is bad is very immature and childish behavior. What does her hair style have to do with how she serves you? Just because you don't like it does not mean you have to comment on it.

When a grown woman behaves like she is six years old she should be expected to be told to act her age. Sounds like she is correct and you have a lot of growing up to do.

I bet this is the first person that had the guts to tell you off for your immature childish behavior. Kudos to her.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States #925864

Anonymous, you sound super retarded. After getting to like the 4th line In your paragraph I realized that you were in fact not there and we're adding to MY review and found tons of humor in your response so.

You response was then not completely read, not digested and mocked. By any chance, did you pass your high school or college English class?

You definitely fail at reading comprehension.

-The Author

to Anonymous #926070

Childish name calling, this proves that you act like a six year old. I wonder if you passed kindergarten because at that age they teach you not to judge others, to respect others, they teach you that the world does not revolve around you, to be kind and courteous ect.

With your immature behavior I think you were expelled from kindergarten. The other two customers should not have to wait hours until you finish taking your stuff, if you are unable to allow her to serve others because you are slow in getting your stuff take a parent shopping with you. No one has poor reading skills, they are simply commenting on your childish and immature behavior. it is you who has issues.

I hope you take your conversation to corporate and hopefully you did not "forget"to record your own childish behavior. They will most likely laugh at you, but not to your face as you deserve because mommy and daddy taught them better. You have a lot of learning and growing up to do.

Your childish name calling to someone who told you the truth about what you are shows this. It seems like you have trouble comprehending what you read because you think you are a perfect angel.


Apparently you must have been day dreaming or something else, but not paying attention. She did tell you, so you could move, but it sounds like you took offense to that.

You must have been in a fog for quite awhile if the third customer almost took your groceries because you didn't take them. You opened your large mouth and told her that her customer service and hair style were bad. You can't honestly say that she attempted to threaten you at any time. Exactly what were you doing following the CSL and the cashier to the employee's break area?

That is supposed to be off limits to customers and you had absolutely no business in that area. When you are being checked out in a store, it is up to you to pay attention to what is going on.

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