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I went to target today and bought two cases of Aquafina water (24 bottles each case).The Big sign above the water clearly read $3.99.

I was sitting in my car reading my receipt and I realize they charged me regular price $4.99 for each case. I walked back into the store with my receipt and told the customer service representative. I clearly stated to her that the water is on sale for $3.99 per case. She was very rude and told me ....that was last week's sale and it was $3.59 per case.

I said to her, if you would like you can walk back to the back of the store and I will show you. She said no I can't leave my register I'm the only one here. Then called over here and asked someone back where the water is to call her. A man called her back and proceeded to ask what she needed.

She asked him was there any Aquafina water on sale for $3.99 or if there any water back there for three something. He responded ...no. I then walked back to the back of the store and took a picture . I came back and told her that I took a picture and I that had no reason to lie !!!!

She loudly said ...I'm going to give you your two dollars back on your card !!!! I said to her... all I'm saying is I had no reason to tell a lie!!!!! Shame on you Target for having such poor customer service !!! It was the principal of the matter. It really wasn't about the amount I was owed back!!!

Time of incident... Approximately 5:30 PM Streetsboro, Ohio September 18, 2016 !!!! She was extremely rude and she worked in customer service !!!!

She took pride in humiliating me !!!!What a shame !!!!!!!

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If it was me, i just apologize and honored the price.

All cashiers & Service Desk should know this..!

Anything under $20.00 you can change the price and if it was more than your limit, then call for help!


Protocol: Customer says honor the price.We confirm the error.

We honor it and after you leave investigate.

Sometimes it is an error. We make mistakes, or not enough employees to keep things perfect. Other times people are trying to steal.

The reason she could not leave her station is because she is not allowed to. She will get written up if she does.

Plus target is so tight on hours we literally are the only ones there, sometimes only 4 people for the whole store...making us cranky. Underpaid for all that we do. It's sickening.

If customer service rep seems rude to you, ask for the lead on duty.

They will not only have a talk with the employee, they will solve the problem asap.

Although the employee will have their own side of the story and possibly will just be allowed to vent about the situation. If she was in fact rude, she will get written up.

If they find out it was due to stealing, she will get yelled at for allowing this to happen, and will be written up.Not fun.

Andover, Minnesota, United States #1216524

I think her first lie was , "I"m the only one here." Seriously, 5:30 pm at Target? One can investigate without being rude about it.

to Anonymous Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1216680

Telling someone they are wrong is not the same as being rude.

to Anonymous #1323113

Yes seriously it's horrible what they are doing to us.Believe us when we say we are the only ones there.

One can investigate ONLY with the help of another employee. She cannot leave her station. If there was no one there, she is stuck there. If the guest brought over picture, honor it and investigate later.

I wonder why she was rude.

We usually don't care about mishaps like this unless a customer seems rude and aggressive about it, trying to make us feel dumb, so maybe she was giving you the same attitude.

Sorry customers you are not allowed to treat us like poo...we will resist...we will act like being rude to us is not ok.We will act like we are human and deserve to be treated with respect.

Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1215787

You must be young to mistake being told you are wrong as rude. Even though you are right in this case, you ruined your case by being immature and mistaking being told no as rude.

Brentwood, Pennsylvania, United States #1215305

The cashiers are jaded, as too many people try to rip them off non-stop, and they get yelled at by management for people getting stuff over on them.They don't know who to trust or not, you can't blame them.

If you ever worked retail you would understand. If not, I suggest you give it a try and after a month you'll feel the same way.

Just let them put the money back on your card and call it a day.There are bigger things to fuss about.

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