Albsny Or- My husband purchased a pair of yoga pants for me that were too small.( he paid 10.00) I did not have a receipt, because they were a gift. All I wanted to do was exchange them for a larger size.

The cashier gave me in-store credit for the sale price of 8.00... to purchase another pair of pants for 14.99? I asked to speak with a Manager, to which she rudely walked away from me to assist another guest (She was a Sup) and never came back to help me. WRONG!

I will Never never never shop at Target again.

I did get my exchange, but I was also told by the associate who assisted me that she hopes I enjoy my purchase, as I am getting a deal and will never pay that much for these pants again....A deal? Really?

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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In any retail store that you do a return without a receipt you will only get the current selling price so the associate wasn't being rude, you were you ***

to Anonymous #1093292

That is not what she considered rude. She considered the rudeness as helping another guest who came BEFORE her as rudeness.

This was not rude, this self centered woman needs to learn to wait her turn and that the world does not revolve around her. But you are right, often people also mistake being told no as rudeness. If her husband bought the clothing for her than he wold have the receipt. They would live in the same house after all.

Probably just forgot to mention that her husband threw out the receipt. Not his fault thought he had no idea his wife gained weight because she is lazy and eats too much.

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