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I was on when I noticed that Target has open positions for employment. I was directed to Target's website and found that their career search is not only confusing and not user-friendly; It is a complete loop.

When I tried to locate the store that they advertised with open positions I found that everytime I tried to click a link directing me to the search for the particular store I was looking for I ended up looping from web page to web page until I ended up exactly where I started. After about 10 or 15 minutes of wishful thinking I soon found that it was going to be impossible to find this particular store even though Target posted that it was as simple as searching for the particular store in question. Oh ,but lo and behold!! I finally get to where I think I need to be...

Oh ,but wait no I can't search for the store I want to apply to!!! How silly of me!! I can only look through the job postings that are already on the website. So I have to troll through every Target job posting in the nation to find the one that I'm looking for!!

What a delightful task that I oh so look forward to... (If you haven't picked up on the sarcasm yet I'll be praying for you).

Long story short Target's career section of their website is uncomprehensive and sadly I am going to say a complete piece of ***... I hope you update it soon because I can't be the only one that thinks this.

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Actually it is your brain not the website that is the problem. Face it you are too dumb to even work in retail and fast food. Also we don't have a basement we live in an apartment.

to Jedi Knight Ethan #614267
Jedi, it must be so sad to be you.

I have noticed how you have no life other than
to troll people on pissed consumer.

Your life would be so much better if you would only
seek psychiatric help.

It will do you no good to try to troll my comment as
trolls are unable to anger me.
:roll :roll :roll :eek :eek :eek


bomberman, calm down. don't blame a store because you're new to the internet.

and anonymous, you seriously have no room to talk. you lurk this site more than anyone on this site, even MsLea. and I might post things about you but you ask for it with how f**king creepy you are. I'm sure bomberman is sitting there wondering why you're giving him smiley and winking faces.

which by the way, bomberman, you gave anonymous a hard on by hating Target. I mean he still hasn't explained why he hates Target. he (or she or it) probably has never even been to Target.

I think they just lost their mind a long time ago. I know Anonymous might seem like the good guy but trust me, you can't trust a psychopath.

Bomberman - You will soon get attacked from the ghouls of :roll
These people simply have no reason for existence except to call every commenter to this site some kind of defamatory name. Personally, I think they are locked in the basement together and feed off one another. :?
Soon you will be answered by BigBruce, IHateStupidCustomers, and a few others either calling your post s_tupid or something deragatory about me. :x
That being ignored, hopefully this suggestion will reach someone who is in charge will address the problem. At least, one can only hope. I don't have too much confidence in Target fixing any problem someone complained about. :)

ok Jedi Knight you obviously are here to make personal attacks that are misguided go play with your action figures in your mom's basement or you could decide to educate yourself on the issue. The whole point of my post was that the website needs to be updated for the fact that it is not a simple website to navigate in that section. Thanks for your ignorance I could've used the brains cells you just destroyed.


So you are blaming Target because you don't know how to navigate a website. I doubt you will last that long on the job if you can't even navigate a simple website.

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