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I have been a Target Guest card member for seven years. My payments have always been made on time and in full. Currently, my balance is over paid by $11. Imagine my surprise when my card, which has no expiration date, was declined at the register. Target took the liberty of upgrading my card to a target visa, without my knowledge or consent.

I was never sent a new card, and I continued to make all my payments in the store using my old card. Never once did I receive notice that my ability to make purchases with that card would expire. When I called Target Card services to request a new car be sent, I was told the new card would arrive in seven to ten days. As a recently laid off mother of a two year old, I panicked and explained that I needed the card or a temporary account number to purchase groceries. I was told that there was nothing card services could do to help me. I asked to speak to a supervisor to whom I explained the situation. The supervisor accused me of lying that I had never received the card, claimed I must have lost my card, told me that Target owed me no apology for my experience, and refused to offer any solution to my complaint. The individual told me that she was the "Highest supervisor they had" and after she raised her voice at me, she then hung up the phone. Easily the worst customer service experience I have ever had. When I called back to file a complaint about the individual with whom I had dealt, I was told that without her ID number no complaint could be filed. I called repeatedly in an effort to speak with someone who could file a complaint and was shuffled from department to department with no outcome what so ever. I am deeply disappointed as I have been a loyal and appreciative customer for such a long time.


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Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #32082

Reallyangrymom is disgusted. I don't know what game this person is playing but "disgusted" and "reallyangrymom" are the same people. Just look at the grammar skills, time between posts ect.


I just came back to this and i really do hope that Reallyangrymom is really some goof thats sitting at home bored out of their mind and is just making this *** up!!

Iam so angry,this loser says "i dont like hurting my child,HOWEVER..."

unflippin believable in my neck of the woods we would give you a taste of your own medicine,LOSER ***!!


Reallyangrymom,you are a real piece of work,YES,you do abuse your child,throw, shaking and taping his hands behind his back,ya thaTS abuse!!

By the way i have lurking around this site and this is the first post that i have felt compelled to respond to!!

for some reason you think its ok to treat your little guy like a sack of potatoes,shame on you!!

Oh and by the way,the word discipline comes from the bible,the Disciples,this means to teach,what you are doing is punishment!!

I wish we knew who you are i would call cps on you and get the little guy to safety,its not his falt you are a loser!!*** BAG!!!

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #31103

I do not know what game this person is playing here, but whoever it is is both disgusted and ReallyAngryMom. Like she said in her first post she is doing this for entertainment.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #30554

Notice how after we connected things together neither, "veryangrymom" "disgusted" or "Eric" posted anything. Okay perhaps Eric is not the same as the other two, perhaps he took the post from "ReallyAngryMom" for real and was trying to help the child. As for the mother who wrote the letter I am sorry you have to deal with trolls like "VeryAngryMom" aka disgusted.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #30298

I also think that "disgusted" is the person that posed as the abusive parent. I don't know what games this person is playing but we are not falling for it.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #30119

I get the feeling that "VeryAngryMom", "Disgusted" and "Eric" is all same person.Notice how they all posted at around a simular time frame all within 10-20 minutes from each other.

Whoever is posting these has three personalities.

The nutcase lunitic "VeryAngryMom", The concerned citizen."Eric" and analyzer "disgusted"

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #30072

Well good luck with your issue and I hope you get things sorted out.I would not worry about "AngryMother" and whoever wrote those comments.

Just ignore the person they are a troll. No need to be concerned about what he/she/it wrote. The police can track IP (that is if it was reported at all)addresses and will know that the letter and the person making the comment are not the same person. Infact they can even find out if the comment was made by "Eric" or "disgusted" or anyone else that posted here.

There have been lots of cases here on pissed consumer when someone impersonated someone because like "still disgusted said" You can post any name here.You can also try posting this complaint on and are better monitored than pissedconsumer from what I have experienced.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #30068

I don't think Eric is the one that made the post.Come on now let's stop jumping to conclusions.

How would you like it if someone claimed that you are the one that made the post by ReallyAngryMom. What you are doing is no better than ReallyAngryMom. I think like all of you Eric is just concerned about this situation. Also it is quite clear that the OP did not write the comments about abusing the child because the names are different.

However to point fingers at Eric is not right. I don't know who wrote this.

Frankly I think it was just a post to get attention.But don't be childish and call Eric an *** without proof that he wrrote this.

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