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My mom and I went to target to get a netbook we saw on sale for $159. We didnt know that it doesnt have a dvd rom.

So we went back to the store to take it back. On the receipt it said it could be returnable within 10 days and it was only 2. THey didnt let us return it. I think that is soooo ***.

If it says we can get our money back then we should get it back!!!

never shopping there again. Besides it was on sale and they didnt even have any of the netbooks left.

Monetary Loss: $159.

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I bet your smart car didn't come with a V8 either. I'm also willing to bet the dealer won't take it back because "me didn't know"

What did you think you were buying for $159?


That is why you should research the item you are interested in before you put up the money for it... Common sence.

Oh and btw... Netbook that's inter(NET)books..

It's for browseing the internet. They don't have DVD roms...


Good luck finding a netbook with a DVD rom. When you do, let us all know.

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