I Hate Target !

After cancelling one of my orders and a month delay, TODAY I got a notice that my second MISSONI order was cancelled. This is after a month of going back and forth with their customer service (Awful experience, can't figure out how to look up an order).

I wonder why Target advertised if it couldn't handle the sales volume? Incompetent.

Why would anyone in a right mind spend millions of dollars on advertising just to *** off customers?

Nice going Target.

I will never shop at target and will make sure to share my experience with my friends and anyone I know.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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I hate Target. I hate all the Target locations.

I hate all the Target profits. Let me sum up - I HATE TARGET!!!!




I completely agree with you. I just received notification a month later that my 28" roller luggage was canceled after painstakingly dealing with customer service for the past month to ensure it would not be. I bought the 21" roller and weekend travel bag in store to go with my 28" roller online purchase. Did I mention I already used them and now they are returnable? I am stuck with a travel bag, carry on suitcase, but not the main piece and out money and a luggage set.

Target.com is awful and the world's worst.

Go figure - I tried to click on the contact us section of their website and it directs me to an oops page. Image that.

You suck target. Never again will I shop at any Target store or online.

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