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I went to the Target website to pick out a present for the daughter of my friend. I made a mistake and picked the wrong bride's name.

Totally my fault - no doubt. I got home and talked to the mother of the bride realized my mistake and called Target customer service one hour after the on line purchase ($170.00) was made. I asked to cancel the order and was told by the first customer rep I spoke to that the Target policy was 30 minutes. I said that was ridiculous there was no possible way after only an hour from purchase this item was on its way.

I asked to speak to a supervisor - was told no. I was so angry hung up called the mother of the bride and with her encouragement called back again within 10 minutes. Got a different rep - told him I was upset but certainly not at him - he just answered the phone. Told him my story and he said the same thing - 30 minutes to cancel.

Asked to speak to a supervisor - said no. He said he could try to cancel the order but could not guarantee. With today's lightning fast communication I can't see how the order could not have been cancelled after only one hour. The order was shipped the next day and has already arrived at the wrong bride's location.

Granted I picked the wrong bride but it isn't like I waited days to call I did it in a reasonable amount of time. Target does not provide customer service at all. So buyers beware when you are purchasing things on the internet exactly what the policies are. I made a very expensive mistake for me.

Fortunately I don't make very many Target purchases and after this I will make none. So pay attention to the online purchase - cancellation - return policies - it will be worth the extra minute.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Pick Up Service.

Monetary Loss: $170.

  • Online purchase cancellation policy
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The problem is that people want things right this minute. So the stores have adapted and now have systems in place to get items sent out ASAP.

Because of this they can't always cancel an order once it has been placed.

If you had pulled up the right one in the first place there wouldn't have been a problem. Pretty stupid mistake on your part.

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