Target is a joke I bought 3 bras from there and they all are uncomfortable I called they will not take them back because they cannot put them back on the shelf I don't know many ppl who keep tags on their bras to wear them I will never shop there again Victoria secret took my bra back after a month

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Would you want to wear a bra that had been on someone else's body?



Oh yea... Selling used underware is easy to sell!


Thats why you should try things on before you take the tags off and if you need to wear it all day to test it or whatever maybe don't remove the tags from all three ? not that hard


Next time you go bra shopping go with mommy so she can help you select the correct size. That way you won't have the problem about them being uncomfortable and not fitting.

I doubt you will be missed, most adults keep tags for things they purchased, especially clothing in case they don't fit. Most adults also try on clothing in the change rooms before purchasing.

When you are older and more mature you will hopefully do the same. I can obviously tell that you are a 11 year old child because you did not think to keep the tags in case they did not fit properly and are blaming them for this.

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