People at cash register and customer service area, specifically at the Mira Mesa, San Diego location are a bunch of lazy *** employees. I purchased a blouse and wanted to use my Target card to take advantage of the discount.

However, I did not have my card with me and asked if I can provide my drivers license and SS# as I have at other Target locations. I was informed I couldn't in a very rude manner. I have been a loyal customer of Target for many years. However, as a result of this one incident, I will no longer shop at Target, I will my close account and I will go to every social media, e.g.

Yelp and give negative reviews.

Thank you for your lazy *** employees. It was my pleasure.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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That sounds like an overreaction, but you do you.

Orange, California, United States #1021374

Where did you get your fake license from. I know the license is a fake because clearly you are not old enough to be driving.

You are obviously six years old because you mistake being told no as "rude" You are not very loyal to a company if you let one incident boycott the whole company.

This means you are lying about your loyalty as well. If you are old enough to drive but just behave childishly isn't it about time you learned that you cannot always have your way?

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