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Target had the recent cyber black friday sale and I of course had to buy a Blu Ray Player from them. I didnt shop because the player was 40% Off.

The day it arrived I needed to find out something about it and low and behold I see it on 3 different sites for $70 less. Some sale huh? I emailed them and their response was that they dont match prices. Never will I buy a single thing from Target again.

They are ripoff artists in the worst way. How can people continually lie and deceive and stay in business unless we put them to rest by not shopping there.

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Previously - NARC YOU OUT. I have been alerting the Target's complaint sites that some little cowardly thief has taken my screen name and is posting lies pretending to be me.

From now 9/2/11 onward, I will no longer identify my self as Narc you out, but rather Anonymous. I believe the thief(s) and liar(s) should be stabbing in the dark trying to figure out who is posting to the site, much like they left me by using my name without my permission.

I want to be very clear about my dedication to discrediting the Target store chains. Their customer service is horrendous and their apologists make we wonder how far back reaching they are willing to go to insult honest complaints against them.


You "had to buy" a Blu Ray player from them? You mean you would have died if you didn't buy it? It was 40% off, that is a sale, I don't know of many web sites that price match other web sites.


What blu ray player were you buying that could be cheaper online (BRAND NEW) for $70 less. Blu Ray players anymore are $100 and less, so you found it online for $30?


I agree. We need to become the reason that Target changes it's policies.

We need to complain to everyone we know and take every opportunity to post our problems with Target. I believe that it's time to bring this giant corporation down to size and have them start treating their customers like we expect to be treated - with honesty, fairly and with understanding. We have a right to expect nothing less from them. I am doing my part to expose them.

Good for you by doing your part, too. Sooner or later, they will hear us.

I've seen much richer institutions than this one taken down. We are all in this together!


Let me get this strait: You are mad because Target had a sale and you didn't find out until later that the item was cheaper somewhere else? Sounds like it's your own fault.

Businesses can charge whatever they like and you can buy it or not.

Welcome to a free market. Go back to Russia you Communist!

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