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I bought a Thomas bike for my 3 yr old from Target online that was not available in stores. I call the store to see if it can be assembled and they tell me no.

Not because i bought it from another retailer but because it was not bought inside a Target store. Had I been told that the first time I went looking for this bike I wouldnt have bought it. What difference does it make in stores or online? It is a Target purchase!!!!!!

Target gets another return today.. This is ridiculous!

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Lincoln, Nebraska, United States #870545

Target and Online Target are like two different stores and they don't honor them. I wanted a camera. On liine it was $20 less than in the store but the store would not honor the on line price, even though they both are Target.

to Ace1sam Orlando, Florida, United States #870560

Stores do not match online prices. Stores match rival stores prices because they are in competition with them.

Target does not compete with it's (online) self.

Also brick and mortar stores are more expensive to maintain than the online store, so the online store can charge less. But the bottom line is stores don't match their own online price.


Build your own *** bike! No where on their website does it state you can bring in your bike to have it built because you're too lazy to do so. Wow, consumers today are so entitled...

Orlando, Florida, United States #868815

How hard is it to put a bike together? Seriously. *** putting the bike together is something fathers USED to take pride in.


The worst part is my three year old was expecting a bike, she saw the bike I was going to give her, and she saw me return the bike. I was forced to lie to her and tell her that I returned the bike because she was bad and did not deserve the bike. Target made her cry.

to Anonymous #868767

No Target did not make her cry, you did, the proper thing to do would be say Target was bad not her. Then get her another bike that is assembled.

Blame Target for their ridiculous policy, but don't blame Target on your bad parenting. Also most stores you have to assemble what you buy online yourself. You can get someone to do it for you for a cost.

They should state this though, blame Target for not stating this, but don't blame Target for your lack of judgement on how you handled your daughter, and you were not "forced" to lie to her. Your daughter may be three but you are the one acting like a child there.

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