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I ordered some large patio furniture from Target online. Because they used a LTL trucking company for shipping, it took about 14 days to be delivered.

Despite being from their self-proclaimed "uncompromising quality" Smith & Hawkin line, it arrived full of finishing defects and parts that would not align. We tried it anyway. A few weeks in the sun made all of the issues worse, so we had to disassemble everything and pack it up to be returned. We started the return process online and Target's system said we had until 10/3/2012 to make a return and until 10/10/2012 for it to arrive at their warehouse.

Armed with this information, we called. The representative on the phone gave us a completely different store - she said that I had 90 days from the Order Date, not the received date, to return and that date passed on 09/24/2012. After arguing that the date didn't pass, she then says that the 90 days also includes the time it takes to get to their warehouse. You are forced to use the shipping company they select (can't choose our own to speed things up) and that company takes 2 to 3 weeks.

She promptly refused to schedule a pick-up, even though I am well within 90 days. She also said that I can't take it back to a store (even though she admitted that if I did go to a store that I would meet the time requirements). So, they *** 14 days on the front end for delivery to you and up to 21 days on the back end for shipping back to them. 90-14-21 = 55 day return policy.

That's not a lot of time to identify defects. However, overall, I'd be fine with that if they had the guts to post this on their website as the REAL return policy: "I know we say 90 days, but you really have 55."

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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christopher, you're nuts.


90 days is still plenty of time. Good luck finding a store with a longer return policy than that.


Simon would know since he has the nicest TRAILER in his TRAILER park. Before you go insulting folks here, learn how to spell your insults.

He's just mad because he got caught returning his new flat screen TV after the Super Bowl.

FYI, we purchased TWO sets and only tried to return the defective ONE. So much for the "rent" theory.


90 days is plenty of time. Heck, 30 days is plenty of time to decide if you would like to keep a purchase IMO.

What really happened is you thought you would rent some patio furniture for the summer and return it in the fall when you don't need it. I, for one, am happy you were caught in your own *** as that is really a trailor trash move on your part.

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