I ordered a copy of Holiday Inn for a Christmas present from target at the beginning of the month. I recieve a package from Target.com yesterday and what do I find? A copy of Elton 60 Live at Madison Square Garden. Can I return it? No because the return address label is from..... Best Buy. I call customer service and they send an email so I can print the correct return address label but the link they send won't let me. I call again and a different person takes my information again and leaves me on hold for 20 minutes while he manually types out a return address label to send in the mail in the next three days.

I probably wouldn't be as pissed about all of this if the wrong movie they sent me was actually from Target and not *** Best Buy! Seriously are they so cheap that they share the same online warehouse shipping building? I have never had any problems buying from Target online before but this is ridiculous!

Anyone have something like this happen to you?

Monetary Loss: $17.

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So do you feel like an F'n *** yet?


Oh Yeah.

Thats worth taking the time to post and complain about.

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