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My family and I had gone to Target and saw that they had this black futon that switched as a bed for the sale price of 99.00. We went home to discuss the idea and decided that we were going to buy three of these models over the next few months to replace the worn down non matching couch and chairs we have now. we have a bunch of targets near us so we went on line to see if we could figure out if the store closest to us had them in and a bunch of stores all had 1 in stock. Now before we continue it is important to point out that all stores had a futon that was an exact match but had silver metal legs rather than black ones.The price for that model was 179.00.

We went to the store to buy the futon for 99.00 and the store did not have it but was more than happy to point out that they had a different one that was 179.00. This is called bait and switch and false advertisement.

The sales associate sent us to one of the other stores whose inventory system also showed that they had one in stock. So we took the trip over to the other Target to attempt to get that futon at this so called great price. when we got there we discovered that this store does not have it on display and we could not find it but they had a number of the 179.00 futons that we can purchase. HMM imagine that. This time we had talked with the manager who at least went into the back to pretend to look for it but came back empty handed. he said that the system shows they had one but he suspects, now get this, That the store must have sold one to a customer by mistake for the 179.00 price. so at the very least target manager just admitted that they over charged a customer by almost 80.00.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Did you end up making a purchase? Because if not, you are lying about a monetary loss of $300.

That might call your integrity into question, not to mention establish a reasonable footing for you being a serial whiner.

The futon pictured was not the same as the futon in stock. They are two different items. Different item number, different SKU, etc.

Typically speaking stores having 1 item in stock of a larger item is indicative of the display model. Did you attempt to purchase the display model?

Nah, you'd have wanted even more off of that.

Serial whiner.

Case closed.

to DontBeATwit Orange, California, United States #1038079

Not to mention the child that posted this complaint is mistaking not having an item in stock as false advertising.

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