This dispute started in July 2003, my ex wife canceled and closed card # ************ in July 2003, I called Target guest services on July 28th 2003, they informed me they could not speak to me without my ex wife's permission and that the account was closed per her, they also refused to send me any billing information or account information, I tried off and on for the next three years to get any information about the account and the derogatory information from Target guest services always to be rebuffed with the same story that they could not give me that information because I was not the account holder and without my ex wifes consent they could not answer me, I again tried to get Target guest services to give me information in August 2007, I was told that you had no account information and that was all they could tell me, I also wrote Target on 8/3/2007 and received no response.I again wrote Target on these dates, I also called guest services to no avail.1/5/2009-3/5/2009-7/9/2009-1/22/2010-2/25/2010-4/1/2010-4/16/2010-4/21/2010 asking for an investigation into the inaccurate trade lines being listed with the three CRA's. All had different balances and different dates of DOFD and DOLA and stated card was closed by you the credit grantor, that's not true, Target did admit my ex wife closed the account, but Target kept reporting inaccurately anyway, I was told by guest services this entire time period that Target had no documents on the account and there was nothing Target could do, now Target wants another thirty days to investigate, you sent me one letter on May 1st 2010, that has been Targets only response in 6 years and 10 months of requests.

Target does not care about consumers

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Quote=”Target Bad Faith”

“This dispute started in July 2003, my ex wife canceled and closed card # **”

Quote=”Target Bad Faith”

“you sent me one letter on May 1st 2010, that has been Targets only response in 6 years and 10 months of requests.”

News Flash!! Target either doesn’t want to share the information with you or they no longer have it! As the account was in your ex-wife’s name you have no legal right to the information in the first place.

Quote=”Target Bad Faith”

“Target does not care about consumers”

Typical childish response to someone who’s no longer getting it there own way in life. Really!?!


I'm sorry but you're just dumb. Why would anyone want to give you your EX-WIFE'S information?

Hello you're not married anymore! That's her privacy...geez

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #144795

After reading this letter I can see why you are divorced. The cancelled card was your ex wifes, you have no right to get personnal information about her.

Did she leave you because you were abusive and controlling. Whatever the resaon for your divorce, she is better off without you.


I'm pretty sure it's standard protocol to NOT release information regarding someone else's credit card to a non-cardholder. If you had also been listed on the account, perhaps they could have helped you, but as far as I am understanding, you weren't, so you're not entitled to any of that information.


Target is protecting your ex-wife's privacy. I don't know any credit company who just freely hands out consumer information to anyone other than the consumer. Unless you have a joint account, there's no reason that they should give you her credit information.

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