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I just got off the phone (1:02 p.m.)CST with Target Guest Services Corporate Office. I shop there all the time.

I do mean all the time like twice may even every other day. I purchased 5 pair of pants for $12.48 ea. I later went to the store 15 miles away the next week only to find the same 5 pair of pants were now $6.24 each. They will not return the pants everytime I tell them the real reason why I am trying to return these jeans which is that I purchased them for half the price tag i paid and only like a price adjustment the girl said she couldn't return them because it had been over a week so I politely turned around and rebought them so I could then get my $12.48 back that I had originally paid.

I told them, see you want to make me feel bad for purchasing them at lessor cost, but you would have done the same thing. So just like I used to come here every time I get a penny, because I didn't shop Wal-Mart anymore. I will from now on take my money to Wal-Mart again. Since they do and will take my purchases back with and without a receipt and I have one.

Wal-Mart gives me no problem when I bring items back so I will be their full customer once again.

Model of my story, I'm stuck with 2 pair of jeans of the same, because customer service, managers and corporate act stupidly towards me.

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I agree with Simon, what will you do when Walmart doesn't bow down to you? Exactly, you will go back to Target or go on to another store until every store is sick of you.


Target employee...real *** original retard.

If you don't want to hear other's opinion, don't post.


First, of all my comment and remarks were not for your own pleasure. But, to help others who may be on their way to Target.

IF, you are NOT a Target employee, my comments and remarks were not for you anyway.

Please stay out of my business and have a nice day. Hope your going to church this morning, I am and oh, you, YOU really need to go on the computer writing empty comments on a Sunday morning.


What are you going to do when Wal-Mart doesn't bow down to your every need again? Looks like shopping just isn't for you.

Doesn't look like you can handle yourself if you don't get your way. See if you have another adult in your household or a friend that will do your shopping for you if they can take the tramatic experience of retail shopping.

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