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It doesn't matter how much you patronize the store - they will have your car towed anyway - all in the name of everyones safety - because having your car parked there doing nothing at all is a grave imposition on everyones safety.

If however you are a teenage kid with a skateboard - you can practice your skills all you want in the empty parking lot at any hour of the night despite the clearly posted signs not to -because Target is so very concerned about your safety and that of your children.

Oh yes, you can send your kids to Target parking lot with their skateboards and make sure they are dressed in dark clothes so that no one can see them - that increases their risk of getting hit by a car because Target is so concerned about everyones safety.

Or maybe they just let the skateboarding kids roam free in their parking lot every night because they know they are going to tow all the cars anyway and that of course eliminates the possibility of the skateboarders getting hit.

A little bit of a convoluted approach towards safety concerns - don't you think ?

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #1211777

I'm glad you got towed, lazy a$$. Hopefully you had to walk even further to get your car back. Its lazy sphincters like you that make it impossible for my disabled husband and MIL to find a spot.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #1192533

Dumb ***. Handicapped parking is for disabled people only. Glad you got towed.

Santa Margarita, California, United States #1188056

Oh and I only parked in the handicapped parking spot for five minutes because I wanted to get in and out quickly. I did not feel like walking and no one needed to use the parking spot and they had my car towed and now I am being fined for parking in the handicapped parking spot. It was less than five minutes and my car was towed.

to andielyn228 #1189242

Yeah, because the sign clearly states: "handicap parking...unless your only going to be a few minutes, then it's cool." Park where you're supposed to, for the amount of time you're supposed to and all will be well.

to andielyn228 Houston, Texas, United States #1195816

And why should an exception be made for you?

Why should you not follow the rules just because you do not feel like walking?

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