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It seems like Target at Mondawmin has hired the case of Clueless (all except for the 1 brainy Law student of course) to work at this location. Unless you want to purchase a quick food item or anything that requires no questions including about clarity for the store's own 'Return' policys...go to me, your life will be far easier & product probally significantly less.

Trust me...this is based on almost a year of consumer experience with them. However, I was shocked at the large amount of Target complaints on web...far exceedes Wallmart infamous for being so bad...right?

Monetary Loss: $100.

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It seems (for the first time in my life, lol) I missed your point and owe you a nod in this argument.

Apparently, you know the meaning of exceeds and the proper context of it's use.


I know exactly what exceeds means, bud. You brought up a new point where 'exceeds' is used correctly, congratulations, but that doesn't turn around and mean that I used 'exceeds' wrong either, now does it? Of course, the original quote that I responded to said, "...large amount of Target complaints on web...far exceedes Wallmart infamous for being so bad...right?" which doesn't used exceeds correctly, since the number of Target complaints does not outnumber the number of Walmart complaints. Do you understand yet?

Besides, I would suggest that the percentage of clients in the Target demographic is higher on the social-economic chain than are the people whom Walmart serves and are therefore more able to make a complaint utilizing the internet.

Is there anything in this post that you don't understand and/or you are confused about?

The fact that Wal-Mart stores outnumber Target stores two to one doesn't explain the concept of "exceeds" to you? :x
Doesn't it interest you that there are approximately 801 reviews about Target and 1554 reviews about Wal-Mart?

There are twice as many Wal-Mart stores on this site (and across America) as there are Target stores, so the numbers of complaints against Wal-Mart are doubled. What part of "exceeds" is going over your head, "not so smarty?"

What part of my original post makes you think that I don't know what 'exceeds' means? Was it the way that I used it correctly in a sentence and in an example?

So yeah, let's compare reviews...the OP said that there are more online complaints about Target than there are about Walmart...on this site, that is not true. Nowhere does he mention how many stores there are or anything else so yeah, let's compare reviews...Unless there are some other non-pertinent facts that you would like to present, like affluence of the respective customer base and likelihood of their access to the internet to write a complaint to begin with...not so smarty.


I guess the comparison between Target and WalMart would depend on if you can find a product that Target has, that WalMart doesn't. There are lots of products at target that WalMart doesn't handle.

That is the reason I rarely go to Target----I find too much that I want and can't afford. I'm pretty sure if you really want to know the return policy you could find it on line. Most stores have a 90 day policy with receipt.

When it comes to questions about a product, I would assume if you were interested in buying an item you would have researched it and knew what it was capable of. If not, you have more of a problem than not liking Target.


Uh "...Right" - Do YOU know what "exceeds" means?

The number of Walmart stores "exceeds" the number of Target stores.

Now let's compare reviews,

... "smarty"...


Well on this site there are approximately 801 'reviews' as compared to approximately 1554 'reviews' for Walmart...Do you perhaps not know what exceeds means? Walmart has two complaints for every one that Target has, smarty.

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