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My nephew was handcuffed as he left the store in Anderson, SC. The police were called for a theft was in progress at the store.

Cops would not give him the reason he was being detained. He was released after a manger stated to the Officer that my nephew was not the person they called the Police Department to Arrest. They mention that the person was still in the store and on the Surveillance camera. A complaint will be filed against the company.

It was embarrassing and Highly Racially Charged.

This can not happen to anyone again. They have to take responsibility for their actions.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #708400

Why can't this happen to anyone again? People are human and do make mistakes.

Why isn't your nephew doing his own complaining?

Why file a complaint against Target/ It isn't their fault that the police made a mistake. Furthermore, if your nephew is an adult keep your nose out of his business.

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