I purchased an ipad for my daughter and the sale was $399.00 and you get a $50.00 gift card. I purchased the item and then I returned the ipad and was I charged for the return on my credit card and then, when I returned the item Target charged me the $50.00 gift card.

It was never stated that if you return the item that you would be charged the purchased of the gift charge.

I have never had any store do this. I HATE TARGET's.....I wonder how many other people this was done to?

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So, you admit you were trying to scam Target. You are a WONDERFUL example of a mother.


"I have a two year old daughter and baby food and clothing are expensive. I will shop somewhere else and because of them taking back the gift my daughter was not fed tonight.

They took food from a two year old."

-but you have $400 to drop on an ipad. lol


if you looked at the ad, sales sign of the item, or on the back of the receipt, it states 'some restrictions apply to gift cards.' when you return an item, of course you're going to have to return everything that came with it! it was a nice try, though.


Oh boo hoo hoo you weren't able to rip Target off. When you do a return your return EVERYTHING. Get some common sense and stop crying like a big baby!!


Target is the worst store on the planet!


When you do a return you RETURN EVERYTHING! Lol!

You used the card and thought you were somehow sneaky! Hahaha!!

You weren't ripped off in any way shape or form. Big baby!

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