I had written on here eariler about Target not having merchadise on the computer-showing it once and it not being there-well I want to see Target did contact me and after looking alot and searching the curtains that I saw was not even on their site-so Target did DO NOTHING WRONG-it was me-but Target could do better on a person contacting them better-I never did find where to file a complain on them without searching for an hour . Sorry Target-they were super getting back with me.

So when I am wrong it does not bother me one bit to sasy it was my fault-not Targets.

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yeah anonymous, sometimes people have good experiences. you couldn't return something because you didn't follow the return policy so now the experience has affected you to the point where you won't even leave your house.


I have had 2 aweful encounters with their customer service and to be honest...I make too much money to be wasting more of my time trying to get somewhere with ANYONE!

1st instance was at the store. I purchased some items and the bagger did not bag all of them. They instead put an item on the floor by their feet. It was the only item I had went there specifically for and drove over 40 minutes for. I needed it for my following workday and did not notice until I got hone that it was missing. I was charged for it. I called and they blamed me until they watched the tape and saw the cashier put it on the floor. They gave me a gift card that covered the item I paid for, not my time, or the fact that I had to make a midnight run for something that might work to replace the item theydid not bag.

2) I ordered an online item over the phone bc I had further questions. The rep could not figure her job out and put me on hold for over a half hour. I asked for a manager and explained that it was taking too long. She looked up the order to find she had ordered something completely different! An hour later she says she will send me a gift card. A week later I open one for $5! LAUGH. Are they kiddding! Minimum wage pays more than that an hour! I called to complain and got no where. I will spend more to shop elsewhere with my business account!

That's amazing!
Target contacted you and helped you find something that isn't even sold by them? :eek
Most people writing to this site cannot even reason with Target to stand behind their own products, and Target contacted you to help you find curtains sold somewhere else? :x
That's, u h h, pretty amazing! :roll

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