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I called Target to complain about a Target product that had drastically altered ingredients, and even had new ingredients that it never had before, didn't state that it was a new formula on the front of the label; I told Matthew at guest services that the label didn't inform the customer of one of the new ingredients and Matthew was disrespectful and smarmy and responded, "Well, the label on the front didn't say that it DIDN'T have it." Matthew kept cutting me off so that I would stop "complaining" and give him the "data," it became clear that he was incapable of being professional when he started talking to me like I was a child, so I replied to him in the same manner, and then Matthew asked ME to get control of myself -- when I informed him that I was only reciprocating his behavior, instead of apologizing, he stated, "I appreciate your feedback." I asked him if they really record the phone calls, and his antagonism peaked with the statement, "I hope so." I hope so too. As I was telling him that I couldn't believe how he was treating me and that he needed to be retrained for his inappropriate comments, he hung up on me.

Instead of forwarding me to his supervisor named Brad, Matthew hung up on me. This company gives customers the run around and it seems that no one is ever accountable whenever a customer has a legitimate and serious complaint. I had a complaint about the Manager (again, incredibly disrespectful behavior by him and other employees) of a Target store several years ago, and I was not given a district manager name to address this, only the Target Guest Services phone number to report it. No one called me back.

This is not the structure of a company that values its customers. Luckily for me, there are many other stores in my area that are just as cost-efficient with much, much better customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

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okay anonymous. you weren't joking so it's safe to assume that you were just acting like a little mentally challenged kid again.

and you're calling me obsessed with Target yet you go nuts and wet your pants in excitement every time there's a hateful comment posted towards them??

but again, if you weren't so lost in your lonely fantasy world then you would notice the fact that I have agreed with some of the Target haters. but I will not hesitate to bash people that bash retail stores for dumb reasons such as returning something a year later or someone being mad because a store wouldn't honor the shelf price for a gallon of milk just because it was put in the yogurt section by another customer and.. I really don't feel like explaining some other dumb things people would say. to sum it up though, and if you haven't noticed yet again, I post on multiple parts of this site.

not just on the Target page.

you can say whatever you want anonymous but what comes out of my mouth is the truth and usually makes sense. you just spew out whatever irrelevant thoughts and fetishes that pop into your head.


I've always dreamed of being whipped by Margaret Thatcher while my neighbour stares at us.



How hard is it for a grown man such as the OP to read the ingredients. Also Anonymous's opinion does not count since he was fired from Target.

Who's joking? :x
You are so obsessed with Target that you go off like a crazy person when someone says anything about your beloved store. It's just plain weird being so wrapped up in a store that you claim you hold no financial interest in. If you at least owned stock or some kind of investment in Target, then maybe your love for Target would be understanderable. But you keep denying any involvement with the company.
Dude, you're just wack-a-do when it comes to Target stores.
Oh, and the difference between you and I?????? Let me make it clear to you, once and for all. My purpose is to warn everyone who posts on this site about Target's lack of integrity in dealing with their customers. THAT'S the difference between you and I!!!!

funnyyyy anonymous, you made a joke for once instead of posting some off topic 5 word sentence with 10 smiley faces.

but on a more serious note, I have agreed with some people that have hated Target. so you can't say that I'm against everyone that bashes Target.

it's just you bash Target even if the complaint is something crazy like about how Target wouldn't let a man steal underwear from the little kids section. that's the difference between you and I.

Bruce do you just troll these complaints looking to post pointless comments to people who have had poor customer service? How amusing. Your manner , your attitude is the very essence of what people are complaining about .Should you ever take up a position of employment please never let it be in the customer service industry :zzz

I'm sorry that Target didn't hold your hand and read the ingredients to you. The next time you are in Target have your mommy hold your hand, read the ingredients, change your diaper, and wipe your @ss.


Maybe Matthew talked to you like a child because you were acing like one? You cannot just act like a child and expected to be treated like an adult.

If you were acting your age rather than nine Matthew would not tell you to control yourself. Matthew had every right to hang up on you. Sounded like you were being rude and unreasonable, acting like a child, which is the reason you were treated like one.

The reason they did not want you back is they don't want a customer who throws a temper tantrum like some child when he does not get what he wants. Yes lucky for you there are competitors, unluckily for Walmart they are one of them and will have to deal with you now that you boycotted Target.


"Instead of forwarding me to his supervisor named Brad, Matthew hung up on me"

Good for him. He probably doesn't get paid enough to put up with your ***. I'm making a trip to Target this week in Matthew's name.

Be careful, Honest Scoop. If you say anything negative about Target, this maniac IHateStupidCustomers will become your on-line stalker.

It seems that posting problems about Target is an offense against IHateStupidCustomers and this *** goes nuts!

If you say anything at all he doesn't like about Target, then his sole purpose is to harrass you like some kind of demented crazy person.
Be careful what you say about Target or deal with the wrath of .... "IHateStupidCustomers" :eek :eek :eek :eek

it's called read the ingredients. they don't post those on the front of the box.

I can't believe you called about something as dumb as they.

I don't blame them for hanging up on a crazy, bored person like you. I'm sure they had something better to do, like listen to valid complaints.

Honest Scoop

I disagree. Target is responsible for all of their products, right down to the label and the expiration date, especially if they use different "suppliers;" do they not practice some type of quality control?

If you are allergic to an ingredient, and you have used a certain product for a long time because it was free of what you are allergic to, and then you buy another bottle of the same product with the same label, including the UPC code, with no indication on the front that this product has a new ingredient that has never been in it before, you have no idea that this product NOW has what you are allergic to with no readily observable warning that the ingredient list has changed. If the label does not clearly indicate this, it is misleading.

That's a problem, no matter what the product is. Consumers have a right to know what they are buying.


Hard to empathize when you left out details about the item and it's ingredients. Sorry.

Target is Not responsible for the listings on labels. That should be taken up with the original supplier.

I Do agree that the store rep should have handled it better so not to degrade you and Should have allowed you to speak with someone higher up! That IS their fault.

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