I had entered the Target, and as I was standing facing the shopping carts trying to pull one lose that was stuck together. The employee had entered the door with a load of shopping carts..approx. 10, and rammed them into my back, I started yelling STOP, and fell to the floor, my head and my backside hit the brick wall, injuring my head, neck, shoulders, spinal area, and the lower part of my back down to my buttocks.

The employee walked over and looked down at me and said I am sorry and walked away.

Yesterday, I heard from Winn Target authorize any medical treatments.

And, I was told by one of the witness, that an employee in the deli was very upset because the accident in their store caused them from receiving the store's $3,500 bonus.

The employee was more concerned about their bonus than my accident in their store caused by "their" employee.

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This Post is also on The Walmart site to same complaint and all.


And what makes you think you haven't been passed around all the law firms we deal with? LOL - You are already a Hot Topic!


Anger? Lol.

Anger is the last thing that I feel about you. Pity and laughter, sure, but no anger.

I'm starting to show your posts to some people around my office and you are starting to become a star. Keep it up and we might have to clear a section of the bulletin board off just for anonymous' rants.


Death to Target! Jihaders unite! I love balls!


:cry Dude - Chill. You are one angry little troll.

:? Why are you posting such angry rants?


Go talk to your parents. I'm sure they can retell you the story you have lived with all your life, AND I QUOTE, " i AM a real boy!"


Bring it on, retard. Since you like quotes so much I'll give you one you probably gave your bf last night - "Give me all you got".

You are so pathetic.


Like you kept fukkcing retrded feggat to yourself? Not a chance, bud.

Told you, I got a pair and I'm not going anywhere.

The reason you can't do anything buy cry is because they didn't pass a pair out to you. :cry


Someone clearly has a testicle fetish...

Keep it to yourself anonymous.


Simon, let's start using the words "mentally challenged". I just hate it when they make fun of you for being a retrded, sac-less wonder. Being without nads is enough to try to live down, don't bring more disgrace upon yourself.


"go to the Walmart section of this site" - Simon

"Now you're giving me DIRECTIONS to go to a Wal-Mart site?" - retarded loser

No, I was telling you to check the Walmart section of THIS site (you know, one of the other places you stalk me) and look at the exact same complaint. I realize you completely lack objectivity when carrying out your holy war against Target, but this complaint is clearly fake. Any retard can figure that out...well almost.


Oh Sac-Less Wonder - Just posted that I don't need to go to another site to check this person's complaint about Target. Now you're giving me DIRECTIONS to go to a Wal-Mart site? Uh, thanks(for your satisfaction), but no thanks ....


Ok, anonymous, go to the Walmart section of this site and thank this lying sack for posting there too.

You are such an unbelievable loser.


Stop lying. This is the third place you posted the exact same thing.


Thanks for warning people about the employees at Target. They are careless and have no concern with their customers.

I am convinced that they are seriously lagging with training and preparing potential employees to deliver customer service. I haven't gone to a Winn-Dixie site to double check on your complaint with them.

I know that Target is terrible when it comes to consumer's concerns and don't need to go to another site to have that confirmed. People are best warned to stay away from that store.


So is this complaint about target or winn dixie because this exact same complaint for several different companies.

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