I went to target and at the register I asked for $40.00 cash back. My daughter and i went up to the food service and asked for a popcorn.

we were talking and the boy at the register was e next more interested in our conversation than his job... I oaid with a $20.00 and exact change. My daughter went to starbucks inside the target. I got my popcorn walked to starbucks and offered to pay...

hello boy forgot to give me my change.. I went back was made to wait 1 hour for a supervisor, and no one came.. I left called the store manager and I was told I would have to wait until the close of the day.

The next day I notified the store manager and still I was told no I will call you bak the manager said nothing to me... I paid $20.08 for a small bag of popcornn Target has very poot conflict resolution, and poor customer service I will not shop at target

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Where oh where did little Tasha go? Oh, where oh where can she be .....

We miss her so much and her opinions, too, Oh, where, of where can she be?

Hmmmmmm? Does anyone know which site she is posting to right now, 'cause I really, really miss her and I want to chat with her again.


Welcome back Tasha. We've missed you.

Why are you posting to this site? Didn't you see the UPDATE of 8/19?

OR has the trolling for attacking complanitants restarted? Looking foward to hearing from you in the future ...


Previusly NARC YOU OUT - My screen name has been stolen by some thief and liar too afraid of exposing themselves, so I will no longer post on these sites as Narc you out. The thief will have to determine for himself/herself whomever is generating the future postings and take shots at any future poster named Anonymous.


Thank you for your posting and your correction. It is wonderful that you took the high ground and corrected this problem.

I hope your daughter knows what a decent person her mom is and becomes just like you.

It is also great that in this instance, Target is not the responsible party, but that they indeed worked with you to resolve the problem. Again, thanks for your postings.

I am glad that you got it all figured out. :)

That is why you check your change at the register. Mistakes can be made.

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