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Target in PA:

This is just one example of how lax Target is with the rules for some people, but treat honest citizens like trash. Please read the following:

I never shop there! Last year some guy stole all of the girls' credit and debit cards where my daughter-in-law works, Target was one store the guy went immediately to to get gift cards.

No one questioned him when he used a card with an obviously female name and when he maxed it out, pulls out another card with a different female name and uses it! Not one question asked, unbelievable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

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when you ask, it's discrimination and cause for a law suit. People these days are so entitled they want to do whatever they want without being asked why.

You can't look at anyone too long without "profiling" them, you can't get some basic info without being threatened by an attorney. Yeah, people want to be protected, but you better not take any proactive steps to help the community.

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