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why cant target get me my emerson ice machine for 99.00from another store i have been waitting since 6-4-10 when you ran it on sale everytime i go to targets they tell me they dont exspect to get any more this year i go camping allyear long and i need ice i have a rain check from 6-28-10 ihave always shopped at targets no matter where it was but if this is how your going to treat me i might change stores and all my friends with me

Joel Arcuri 706-863-6743 joelarcuri@yahoo.com



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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #166906

All your friends will stop shopping at Target just because you had a bad experience. If you talk the way you type maybe they could not understand you? Seriously if you had so many friends why not have one of them check your letter over for spelling and grammar errors because when I first read this letter I thought it was written by an eight year old.

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