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For Christmas Ipurchased 3ipods and 3-2 yr replacement plans for my 12 yr old twins and 13 yr old. One day in May one daughter sat on her iPod and her twin fell on hers.

5 min apart.  I tried to find info online for how to deal with this. I could only find how to buy another plan so I called the store and was told by electronics to bring it in and they would replace.  We are ecstatic! When I got there another employee in electronics said they don't replace iPods after 90 days.

 I could call apple. Why would apple replace a broken ipod? It Just happens that a team leader had heard the girl on the phone tell me to come in.   She tried to call her number she calls for help because she wanted to help.

They refused to help her..she needs a special number to override the system. She told me come in the following day  to call cs for customers that was closed the evening before. She would tell them what she had heard and what her employee believed would happen if i came in. They refused to help.

I am told they don't cover iPod breakage. A man in customer care took all my information telling me corporate is looking in to complaints about their plan not covering iPods.  He took my info and has never called back.  Target has refused to help.

The team leader said she really wants to because she knows and herd me being misled. Cs says it is a training issue.

 They are still selling his plan saying it covers broken iPods.  I have been misls led many times by this company Where can I get help?

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Orange, California, United States #898869

Your daughters are obviously too young to be having I pods if they cannot take care of them. Plans usually don't cover them being careless, and for crying out loud don't go around calling people old enough to work a girl when you behave like a seven year old child. Instead of rewarding your daughter by getting a new ipod or having it fixed have them live with the conseqences, or don't give them anything expensive until they are mature enough to take care of their things.

San Dimas, California, United States #898661

You have to register the plan. It isn't just a given guarantee plan. The target workers should have told you that.


Anonymous, you ever notice that no one else pays attention to you? you cry for attention like a 5 year old.

What an amazing coincidence that NEW happened to be checking this site and contacted you to resolve your problems!!! :eek
I hope that NEW advertises at every check-out in Target stores and that every customer is given the same consideration as you received!!
What a great deal that would be for everyone else who has been ripped off!! :roll

To all involved, your "2-year replacement" plans are, in effect, 1-year extended warranties for any electronic failure, NOT DAMAGE. The Target store personnel have nothing to do with these other than blindly sell them.

It is a matter of luck that the plan administrator, NEW, found these posts and is resolving the issue, to save face, not as a matter of plan benefits.


Thank you NEW!


I have been contacted by the NEW company that administers Targets service plan. They have replaced the iPods!

The man in customer relations that I spoke with was very pleasant to work with.

He followed up. He was courteous and professional.


I am sure they probably didn't know what their own plan covers, I have not bought any plan with Target yet because I have read all the small print and it is exactly what a manufacture covers. Only plan I know that covers that is Best Buy and they offer a regular and one for damage.

But it would be a lot more then 17 bucks for that. I recommend before buying any extended plan to ask to see the terms and conditions and read every part of it. Dont ask the associates because it is easy for them to be wrong. The terms and conditions is a legal document that can be used in court.

Ofcourse it is written by their lawyers to protect them, so only follow that. I hope that helps.

I hope that New will beable to help you! Good luck!



This is the company who administers Target's Service Plan. We'd like to talk with you more about how we can help improve your experience with your service plan. Please send us an email to help@newcorp.com with the name and phone number you used to register your claim.

Thank you!

NEW's Customer Experience Team

They have done the same thing to me...what did i do...shoplift theyre videogames...im happy now:)
Joan, I don't understand your confusion. If the OP was told that the IPods would be replaced in case of damage, why wouldn't she bring them back for coverage? Doesn't the plan on IPhones cover the complete replacement if you take out the coverage and you experience ANY type of damage?
A warranty is a warranty. If she was guaranteed replacement of a damaged item, then that is what she should receive. Plain and simple.
I believe the only issue here is being lied to by Target. They promise something while you are in the store. If you encounter a problem once you leave, you are strictly on your own. Target will NOT help you or back their promises.
Something needs to be done about this store. All we can do is stay away and warn everyone else to do the same. It seems to be the only protection against Target's deceptive practices! :roll

I purchased the plan because the associates (plural) told me how they could break and the screens can crack. These were for young teens and things can happen.

I believed them that accidents were covered. When I called they said this was covered just bring them in and they would replace In the store. The team leader (manager) had heard the conversation on the phone and felt compelled to help because she knew then that I had been misled and wanted to help. Target customer service claims it is a training issue.

Where does that leave me?

I usually don't buy these sort of plans but the insurance that my girls gifts would be protected seemed worth it for 17.00 each. I have 5 kids and these were their only gifts!


My thought is why should the items be replaced, even with the plan you bought, when they were damaged by your kids, even though it was accidental. I would think the replacement warrenty would only cover things that were the manufacturer's fault.

I would never dream of taking something back that had been damaged by accident. My kids would just have had to go without their ipods, being it was their fault that they got broken.

to Joan Orange, California, United States #898870

I agree, this mother does not know how to parent, instead of punishing them for being careless she rewards them.

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