I hope this email gets to the right group with TARGET because I have always had great experience with TARGET in-store before but this is the first time I have to deal with online Target and it's completely changing my view of TARGET all together. I'm sorry to say but the 1800# people were worse than Wal-mart workers and I have stopped shopping at Wal-Mart because of their lack of customer service.

I have ordered an Alexis glider rocker via online and got it yesterday. My husband and I put it together and when we were almost done, we noticed a HUGE chip on the right handle. I called 1800-591-3869 opt 0 today around 5pm (after work) and unfortunately got a person that could barely speak English and didn't give me his name after I couldn't understand him for repeating it twice. After about 15 min, he told me that the only way for me to get a replacement part of the right handle is for ME to contact the manufacturer and rudely told me "to hold" and then hung up on me!

I had to call the second time and got "Eric" on the phone- also has a VERY strong Indian accent and that I could barely understand!!! I asked for the manager but he NEVER provided me with one and kept me on the phone for 45 min just to tell me the SAME story which is I had to call the manufacturer!! Then, he put me on hold for another 10 min JUST to look for the phone#. At the end of the conversation, I asked him, "I guess your "manager" will never speak with me huh?" He sounded surprised that I still wanted to speak with the manager so he proceeded in putting me on hold AGAIN for another 10 min!!!

I spent over an hour all together and got no assistance from ANYONE from Target. Before "Eric" decided to put me on hold AGAIN, he gave me a reference # because he wouldn't give me his last name (3-845994802). I believe he TRIED to explain to me what that reference # was and he was just too difficult to understand.

I am 38 weeks pregnant and just got off from work and hoping to resolve the glider issue quick so I can attend to my family but instead, TARGET that claims to expect more and pay less wasted over an hour of my time and helped me with NOTHING. How disappointing!

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Target online customer service and the 800 number service is horrible

Markham, Ontario, Canada #920415

You have many run on sentences. You have no right to bad mouth people's English when your English is that of someone in the first grade.


If there was a "HUGE" chip in the arm why did you even put it together? If it were a "HUGE" chip like you say it would have been very obvious.

I am assuming you are exaggerating the size of the chip and are blowing the entire complaint out of proportion. Any time I have purchased ready to assemble furniture the manufacturer has provided a toll-free number to call for replacement parts. On the rare occasion I needed a part they were very quick to send it. Target doesn't have a warehouse full of parts.

What do you expect them to do?

Sure, you could take the chair apart and ship it back and have a new one shipped to you but if you want a quick solution just call the manufacturer and have them send you the part. You seem to be wasting a lot of time complaining when there is such a simple solution to your problem.

Shocking. There are actually people reviewing this site telling you how ignorant you are for - (get ready for it...) ordering something from a store that sells products on-line!!!!!!

Thanks, Joan, for straightening us all out about our stupity for believing that people can actually do something with Target on-line that they are in business to do!!! :? :?

I don't understand why people order things like furniture. There are furniture stores that sell things like glider rockers, where you can actually see them.

to Joan Los Angeles, California, United States #920164

But Joan, the exact same thing could happen even with buying in-store (unless you're buying the display model). Thanks for your input though; you're so helpful!

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