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How rude can you get, Who is the winner? Target.

My wife and I were in the Target store in West Palm Beach two days ago and this very nice woman approached a Target worker in a red Target shirt and told her that she had just found a cell phone and some sun glasses on a table and wanted to turn them in. The Target person told her that she was off the clock and would not even talk to her. So the woman approached a second Target person and tried to give her the phone and glasses. She said," Im off the clock go see the manager. "

The woman who was trying to do the right thing looked at us and said," I don't believe this place." the customer looked at her full cart and went up to the customer service desk and said,

"I just found this cell phone and sun glasses and I just want to turn them in."

The customer service gal said,"you will have to get in line!"

The woman just put the cell phone and sun glasses down and left the store. Target lost her sale as well as ours. Customer one Target none.

Mad Michael

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

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"we are told that we cannot help "guests" while off the clock and can even be terminated for it. So dumb" ...Because slavery is so cool 8) .

While I also hate Target (I have been an employee for a few months), we are told that we cannot help "guests" while off the clock and can even be terminated for it. So dumb, but hopefully that provides some insight as to why the people you saw on the sales floor couldn't help that woman.


lol you obviously have the problems when you keep going off topic. so anyway, I'm starting to understand that our usernames are different from our real names.

but you still don't seem to be understanding that babies don't come from a$$holes.

and that stalking is illegal but you continue to do so. please go back to your psychiatrist, I keep telling you that your period isn't a good reason to keep skipping your sessions.


Well, IHate S T U P I D...

We are apparently making progress.

You finally understand that your actual name isn't IHateStupidCustomers and mine isn't Anonymous.

Take the rest of the night off and rest your brain. I don't want to give you too much information at one time. It might give you a brain seizure.


I will agree with you for once. 90% of the complaints posted are pretty ignorant. and hopefully someone sooner or later catches you for stalking everyone.

Oh, I don't like you posting to this site alright, but I "ain't going nowhere!!" :p :p :p
There's just too much ignorance to be ignored!!
Apologies to Michael...

so.. mr.

creepy anonymous posted that long story and his only points where him not being interested in my name and expressing his love for the original posters of complaints. alrighty then.

also, you can't call Mad Mike a customer if all he does is bug employees that aren't even on the clock or are already with a customer. that's just called being an annoying and impatient a$$hole. this again proves your undying love for anyone that posts a complaint about a store.

and I agree with Ethan, what is the deal with Tanya? are you mixing him up with another person on this site that you got into an argument with?


You don't like us posting get off this site. Go steal a cell phone and glasses from someone else.


Can't Mike. Sorry.

These nuts insult anyone for a legimate post. Please review your own responses to these vermin. I'd love to stop and talk about the real, serious issue. Target is horrible to their customers and everytime someone try to warn others, these gruesome threesome jump time on them.

I'd love for them to go away and let the consumer have their own say, but ......


Mad Michael

will you guys take it some place else. This has nothing to do with my posting!


Actually your reading comprehension is the one that is poor anonymous because I have clearly told you my name is not Tanya. I take it Tanya is a girlfriend who broke up with you because she found out you are a pathetic loser?

That is why you call people you don't like Tanya. There was no one on this site topic who posted under the name Tanya, so either you have poor reading comprehension skills or you have mental illness where you see things that are not there. As for Trevor, probably another person who you had one disagreement with and you stalk him. Seriously you are the one that is confused anonymous.

You seem to think you are better and smarter than everyone else. That you are right and everyone else is wrong.



Like I told Tanya/Jedi/Trevor, I don't know his/her name and I don't know your name. I could care less what name you were given by your parents. I don't want to know your name, not now, not ever.

I am sorry reading comprehension is so very difficult for you. Let me try to go over this once more and see if I can help you.

See, I know your name isn't IHateStupidCustomers. It's kind of like Anonymous. It's a made up user name for this site. It's the same thing with you. "IHateStupidCustomers" is a made up user name for you. It's not really your name. I'm pretty sure no one on this site believes that IHateStupidCustomers was given to you at birth. You did not to use your ACTUAL name, so, you called yourself IHateStupidCustomers. O.K., now then, try to carry this to it's logical conclusion. Anonymous was made up for the same purpose. It's not actually my name either. Neither of us knows the other person's name.

To review - My name isn't Anonymous and your name isn't IHateStupidCustomers. I don't want to know your name, I don'twant to know you, and sure as he1l never want to meet you. Truthfully, I don't want to even communicate with you again, but I couldn't leave you hanging or wondering about the ambiguity of the user names on this site. You seem so confused!

I hope this helps you, and that you understand better now. If not, talk to Jedi. He/she seems to know some English tutors that could be of invaluable help to you.

BTW: Try to articulate this to BigBruce, if you will. He/she seems very confused, too.


this loser from Mississippi obviously has some mental issues to work out. so the best thing to do is to ignore the anonymous ***, especially since they have nothing to do with the original post.

O M G!!!!!
Anonymous from Mississippi is creepy!!
All people from Mississippi are rednecks.
All people from Canada are intellectuals.
C R E E P Y! :eek :eek :upset :upset

this anonymous poster from Mississippi is pretty creepy. he wants to know who I am? is it Mad Mike?



FYI: "Hyprocrite: a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions or statements belie his or her public statements".

That is exactly what MrsLea is doing. If you read all her reviews you would know that she expected this worker from Walmart.(whom she knew was on his lunch break) to help her despite that. Yet she attacked Mad Michael for doing the exact same thing. However you have your head far up your a$$ defending your girlfriend(does her Walmart Home Office Janitor know she is having an affair with you?) that you don't realize this.

Also work on your grammar while you are at it.

It should be Dear, I hatedumbcustomers, you forgot the comma.


MrsLea you dummy you do realize that that location thing does not always work correctly don't you. Some people have even stated it sometimes glitches and says they are from a different state.


My location clearly says Springdale, AR. How can I be the woman from Mississippi when this site doesn't allow you to edit your location in the first place?? It gives the location from the city your computer is in.


Dear IHateStupidCustomers:

What exactly is your given name and which is your family name?

FYI: "Hyprocrite: a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions or statements belie his or her public statements".


I think this anonymous poster from Mississippi doesn't anyone to know who they are because how retarded they sound. they're probably MrsLea01 for all we know.

so let's not pay attention to her since she has nothing worth reading other than odd insults.

Ethan, just ignore Mad Mike. he obviously just gets mad at everything. his post states that the "customers are beating Target 2-0" so it's a childish game to him. but funny part is, him and the woman wasted gas money to drive there and get nothing.

but oh well, he is Mad Mike after all. he got mad enough at the employees for not dropping everything for him and the woman. so he decided to just leave instead of getting what he came for. so I wouldn't exactly say it's Target that lost just because a couple of morons decided to leave.

Mad Mike probably kept the phone and sunglasses for himself which would explain why he walked out so fast so no one would notice. maybe one of these days Furious Mike will finally be Happy Mike.

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