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I have been using Target for our groceries since January, that is when my prescription drug supplier told me I could no longer use a Mom and Pop shop. The prescription filling was great and with lower prices.

I then started buying all my groceries there and I us a lot of coupons and price match. They usually match the add at the register, but this time they told me they could no longer do that I would have to go to customer service. I did and after a long wait the way they calculated the discount it cost me $3.00 more and told me no more grocery adds would be matched only if you found a lower price that week.

The associate told me that the policy had been changed on July 24, 2013. I never got a letter since I hold a red card visa telling me how the price match had been changed.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Price matching is the most irritating thing in the world to me. You absolutely SHOULD go to the customer service line, because the rest of us normal folks would like to shop and go home without waiting behind you and your ads.

If you want another store's price, go to that store. It's insane.


I really do understand budgeting, and price matching and using coupons, and I respect however you choose to save your family money. As the person in line behind you, I do respectfully ask that you just give me the heads up when I get in line that you have some coupons and ads to price match so I can just go get in another line.

That's not just at Target, but at any store. Thanks.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #695384

I just had the same thing told to me at my local Target here in Illinois. I will not be returning back to that location.

The associate was rude and a mouthy ***.

I went to WWalmart had no issues as they do price matching also. So to the person that said she didn't make sense it does if you can read.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #693368

When people want to use price match at Target where I live, they have had to go to customer service to check out for at least a year. I also have a Target Visa and never received a letter, but then I don't use it in the store, only for ordering things online.

I definitley don't use it for things like groceries and prescriptions and never will. Basically your complaint doesn't make muck sense. There is no way it cost you more. I have used price match a couple times and I always have the other store's ads with me, and all they do is ring the item up at the price that is in the ad for the other stores.

Maybe on their price match they won't discount coupons, which in a way I can understand that. I would call and ask customer service what their policy is and if that isn't satisfactory ask to talk to a manager. I also don't use very many coupons because as a whole the store brand is cheaper than the name brands with coupons.

The few brands that I use coupons for I use at WalMart, because their prices are lower than Target or other grocery stores. You don't actually say that you had the ads with you and if you didn't that could be part of the problem.

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