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We are extremely pissed off because our favorite and only iced tea, that we always got at target is NOT THERE. It is very disappointing to know that target has taken it away and in fact replaced it with beer.

Targets new slogan should be

"Making America more drunk one person at a time." Think about that for a minute.

The problem is that is totally true and we are just very mad, and will never ever shop at target again! Now we have to find a new place that we can get it from thanks to Target!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: I did not like.

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*Thinks about that for a minute*

Nope, sorry. Still don't care.

And you need anger management classes if you're getting this angry over tea.

First Born Triplet

So they took down the sweat-leaf-tea and put beer there instead. You must live in Texas.


God forbid a store stock item that make them money and remove items that don't sell.


You must be the only i.diots buying that p.iss water...I'm sure you'll be there Black Friday though...


Has it ever occurred to you that they are not stocking it because it does not sell enough to make a profit. I mean just because you like something does not mean the rest of the world wants it.

If beer sells more at this store than ice tea than they are going to sell that.

Perhaps you should be buying some beer, it may change your mood. Also it may make your wife, husband look more attractive.

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