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When you get a receipt from shopping in person at Target they say on the bottom you can win money by completing their online survey about your shopping experience. First of all, I've NEVER once heard of anyone winning this money!

Have you?? There needs to be an investigation into this and a verified winners list disclosed!

Secondly, my issue is that I went to the online site, entered all my information within 24 hours of shopping at the store, and the website told me I was not allowed to take the survey because my receipt was over 72 hours old! That was bs!

I had just shopped at Target the night before. I tried about 5 times to enter the code on the receipt, but each time it told me it had been over 72 hours since I shopped at Target. Lies! So I emailed customer service, and the lady sent me a scripted response that said I had to enter all the information off the receipt and hit submit.

Uh, hello?! Did you even read my email? You did not even address my problem! The problem was that AFTER I did all that and hit submit, I was told it was after 72 hours, when it had hardly been 24 hours!

I received another email that said I had to write all the information from the receipt onto a postcard and MAIL IT to target to enter the sweepstakes! WHAT?!! So now in addition to wasting my valuable time, you want me to PAY for a stamp and a postcard, and MAIL IT to target just to enter the sweepstakes that probably doesn't even really exist?? Are you crazy??

There's no way I'm paying money to send you a postcard! You need to fix the problem with your website! Clearly I should be able to enter the survey online since I was doing it the next night after shopping. The solution is NOT to make me pay money!

The solution is to fix your website, or send me a direct link to take the survey. But no, they would not actually take the time to fix the issue. They wanted ME to PAY to fix the problem! Take up my valuable time and resources just to enter their fake sweepstakes!

Unbelievable!! Target is a scam artist!

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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your time is not valuable you *** loser.


ha, you are such a ***. go ahead and lead the investigation sheriff craig. *** tool.

Magnolia, Texas, United States #1322455

Target says that you can complete a 2 minute survey and win at the bottom of their receipts BUT I wasted valuable time trying to access their website and was unable to do so. They should not offer this unless they make the site easily available. Target fix the problem or remove the offer.

to Kathy Dyer Montana, United States #1322922

Why not get an adult to help you? Why should they deprive everyone just because you are not intelligent enough to do a simple survey?

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1268866

I have tried for hours and hours and hours in the past month also to even get into the target survey site and it is impossible. Why can't I even access their survey site?????

Freehold Township, New Jersey, United States #1216672

The *** Target survey and all the pop up ads for non Target ***

I actually was an instant $25 gift card winner from a Target survey :) I was pretty shocked, as I have been doing the for years and never won. I received my gift card within about a week.

You can also view a complete list of winners on the website.

I think there are sooooo many people who enter the odds are probably very minimal of actually winning. But you can't win unless you try!!

Who makes a *** page over not getting into a sweepstakes? What the ***.


You need a life.


I'm not sure how you missed the piece on the receipt that clearly states the survey entry is only valid for 72 hours, but given your utterly infantile response, perhaps it's not all that hard to imagine.

Many sweepstakes have a mail in postcard entry as an alternative to purchase of the company's products.

Stores put an expiration on their surveys because past a certain point it becomes harder to accurately recall and evaluate an experience in store/ interactions with employees. Walmart's date is about a week from the visit, I believe.

Kindly grow up and learn to read fully the terms of a sweepstakes (or anything for that matter) before getting angry and throwing out wild accusations that something is "fake". I'm sure it will make you a much less stressful and annoying factor in the lives of those around you.


You're an ***. People win all the time. Do your research.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #1029455

The child that posted this is just being a sore loser. Besides I have checked the rules about the contest. You have to be 13 to enter, so even if the child wins he won't be allowed to get the prize.


Just go to www.informtarget.com, and click 'previous winners' at the bottom to see the previous winners.

to Anonymous #1029456

Sigh, like I said the child that posted this is a sore loser. Even if he won the contest he would not be allowed to collect the prize since you have to be 13 to enter the contest. This person is obviously six years old and would not be able to enter the contest anyway.


Believe it or not, I did win a$25 gift card. I was totally shocked.

Los Fresnos, Texas, United States #931375
I won in Dec 2014 Texas draw $25. I do think they chose certain ppl to win.

I had used a manufacture coupon and a target coupon to buy diapers plus I signed up for a red card. I also got a $10 gift card for a promo they had on diapers. There is a site that confirms winners. Go to informtarget.com and click on previous winners.

You will see a list of all winners...... Rebeca P :) I got mine right away and already spent it.
to Becky Orange, California, United States #931643

Good advice, he can go and see people actually win instead of throwing a temper tantrum and acting like a sore loser because he never won. Then to tell people who reply off.

Makes me wonder if the reason he never won because he was too young? I mean come on you have to be 13 or 18 depending on the rules to enter.

If he is the age he acts, which is six he was too young to enter, and his friends in his first grade class are also too young to enter so naturally he won't know anyone who won. Due to COPPA child protection act he is not even old enough to enter and neither are his friend.


seriously why swear and call people retards and faggots. Not cool by any standard.

If your choice is to mouth off then DO NOT comment at all. If a comment or reply cant be pro active then why even do it?

Minnesota, United States #882287

I have not had a problem with this.

to Anonymous Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #882622

You must work for Target and are being told to lie and say there is no problem, the problem is your website does not work, and that the whole contest is a scam, I don't know any winners, so shut up and stay off my review you loser. You are retarded you know, the site does not work and you are scamming the customers.

I wish all you retards would stay off my letter.

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