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Oh boy so I go to Target today to pick up a new TV advertised in the local paper (an LG 49UH6090, the 2016 model), get to the store, take one look at the TV and the sticker says something about it being the 2015 model. I ask the sales associate (who is indifferent) if it's the 2016 or 2015. He casually states it's the 2015 model LG 49UF6700 and that I "need to look behind all of this" for the actual model number. He then pulls out all of the... Read more

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Went to a newly opened store and went to self checkout lanes after being told they had no attended checkout lanes open unless they were busier. Scanned my items and promotional coupon, couldn't find where the coupon should be inserted when it asked for that. Employee couldn't find the place either but did walk off with my coupon. Went to pay only to learn that you can't pay with cash at self checkout. (This information is not prominently... Read more

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Was shopping for a bike to get fit in a fun way .A friend of mine spotted a Schwinn bike at clearance from 199.99 to 59.98(dead give aye?)Well it was purchased in winter months and I wasnt able to ride until spring because of weather conditions(outside of the 90 day return policy). While riding the bike the gears slipped all of a sudden and the bike stalled on me while riding (Dangerous to myself and possible pedistrians). I am usually very... Read more

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Purchased a new air mattress by the time I got to the checkout, nobody had any idea of the insurance policy for those items. I finally called the customer service line and spoke with a young lady who said that that was true and "I will take care of the problem, we (Target) insure our air mattresses." To make a long story short, she told me that she is transferring me to a "supervisor" who had no idea of what I was talking about. The issue is... Read more

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The most horrible customer service ive experienced. They arent concerned with customer care or quality. Just another money hungry corporation. It is more important to target to steal $50 and having over $1000 of merchandise returned over exchanging an item. Be wary of this. Read more

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I had a flat tire a couple of blocks from Chicago West Loop Target store so I went to Target to buy a tire pump. I parked in the Target garage and after buying the pump I realized that there was something wrong with the pump. Somebody had returned a broken pump and Target had put it back on the shelf. I walked back into Target to exchange the broken pump for a new pump. The return service assistant at Target looked at the pump and realized that... Read more

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2/ start this off my husband hates target but was in the area. there is i think 8 self check out and the employee is just on my shoulder. My husband was like why do she keep looking at us. So i turned and asked whats her problem why was she on us like that. She said she has to make sure nobody was stealing i told her that was just uncomfortable she decided to stroke her shoulder like who cares. From here on out i wouldn't shop there. Read more

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Target - Package damaged, The delivery guy must have played football with it...
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I just received my order from Target Online and this is what I got (See picture...). Looks like the delivery guy played football with my package. Of course, inside it was 2 dinnerware set that I ordered and most of the pieces were broken. I called the customer service right away to complain and there were not efficient at all neither commercial. I have to sent them back the pieces that didn't broke if I want a refund or an exchange. Problem,... Read more

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Not only are target ecards no good in stores trying to use them on the mobile app is crazy as it is not supported by the app. I will tell all of my friends to bypass Target for me and just send AEx cards if they want to send a gift card. I am so aggravated by this experience and Target presently that my plan to to shop there today will not happen. I will go to a competitor and hit them where it hurts this holiday season. The customer... Read more

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Today my family and I went to a target in Algonquin il. We were minding our own business trying to do our shopping. When this man and his wife approached my husband and started what I call harassing him. That man who I would call crazy came up to my husband and asked him who he was working for and why he was spying and following him. My husband went on to say that he was crazy that he was there with his family and walked away. That man and... Read more

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