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I'm going over to Target as usual on my lunch break around 4. and the security guards decide to stop me from entering I am a Asian female college student, am perfectly normal, wearing shoes, not high etc, etc.. no reason to not let me enter, and I've never been stopped at the door before, I've probably entered over 400 times on my lunch break, spent several hundred dollars, etc.. I ask why, and they give no explanation. I said I needed to return... Read more

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That music is enough to have me pull my hair out, then top it with Spanish and I can't get to my remote fast enough to mute it or better yet change the channel. I love the commercials that are relaxing and this one is definitely NOT. If this is the new Target advertising strategy, I will never be watching another commercial of yours again. Oh and just so you don't think I am being racist, I speak Spanish and still can't stand to listen to it.... Read more

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On June 24 of 2012 I purchased a $342 gazebo. I built it and in October of 2012 the roof caved in on us. There had been a rainstorm the previous day and apparently the weight of the rain caused the water to collect in the fabric and bend the supports. Took a photo to manager. He said since 90 days up, come back in spring and exchange for one of similar value. Came back this spring and Target is no longer carrying or selling gazebos because... Read more

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We purchased a camera at Target in April 2012. We lost the receipt. The camera stopped working. I was told by the manufacturer that I needed a copy of the receipt in order to get a new camera. I called Target and talked to a person in the customer service department. I was told that since it was over 90 days I needed to call Guest Relations. I called Guest Relations and a man asked me for the type of camera (did not ask my name, the date... Read more

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Target sells moldy air mattress & refused to exchange it.
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On 9/2/12 11:38am, I bought a queen Aerobed at Target, Ca for $216.00. When I opened it later that day for my guests to use, we found it covered with mold & unsafe for use. I took it back to Target for an exchange on 9/3/12, 11am. Please note this was less than 24 hours since I had purchased it! I asked for a replacement bed.The managers refused. I asked for a store credit or refund. The managers refused saying that on the INSIDE of box there's... Read more

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I was on when I noticed that Target has open positions for employment. I was directed to Target's website and found that their career search is not only confusing and not user-friendly; It is a complete loop. When I tried to locate the store that they advertised with open positions I found that everytime I tried to click a link directing me to the search for the particular store I was looking for I ended up looping from web... Read more

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I've had this Target Visa for years now. I made an on time online payment on the 13th of August that paid off the card. I went to use the card on the 25th of August but my transaction was being declined. I called customer service and they told me that Target "randomly" holds online payment for 15 days or more. They are aware that the transaction has cleared the bank but it is their policy to hold the available limit for some time.... Read more

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went to target in vacaville ca to purchase some bottles for my 6mnth old daughter, and i found used,returned bottles on the shelf... The bottles were still wet and had soap in the, first sign package torn and bottles in sideways instaed of up and down, then u can plainly see they were washed cause of the amount of water in them.... brought up to attention of management and nothing but excuses, they dnt know how they were put on shelf and not... Read more

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Hi, I bought a $ 22.99 pair of jeans from target, at the register it didnt have a tag so the *** cashier instead scanned two different items one for 10.99, and another for 11.99.. anyway so I went home, and and decided that the jeans were alittle tight, so the next day I went to return them , however they only gave me back $10.99 for the jeans, I was really confused so I asked them why im not gettin the full refund. Anyway after waiting for 30... Read more

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We went to a different Target for a price adjustment mistake made at another with reciept and tags in hand we approached the customer service counter. The "supervisor" told us that because the purchase was made at another Target we'd have to go back to that Target because why should HIS store take a loss for a sister stores mistake? I spent 1 hour on the phone with CS in the philipines and got no where. Although it seems everyone... Read more

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