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I called Target's Kailua Kona store about 20 minutes ago to talk with someone in Electronics. I dialed the store number, hit "2" for Electronics, but next thing I heard a dial tone - the automated system had disconnected me. I called back, hit "2" and again was disconnected. The third time I called, I hit "0" and was put through to Customer Service. I explained I wanted to talk with Electronics but had just called twice and had been...
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I ordered a fire pit for my son's 15th Anniversary. target changed shipping dates 3 times without proper notice and finally, delivered the wrong order!! When I attempted to get the fire pit delivered as ordered, Target wanted me to pay for the wrong order or return it! federal Trade Comession says the wrong order is a gift. Target should know consumer laws! It has been a month since I placed the original order and now the Target corporate office...
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Anonymous You are delusional. The federal trade commission says nothing of the kind. You keep it, you pay for it.

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As a Target customer it's a complete disappointment to find out that Target is allowing their employees to get in a car accident in their property and refused to assist customers in any way shape or form. I have filed an incident report with their asset protection (Amardeep Singh) and the only information that I'm been given is that the store is not responsible but they won't lease their employee information . After reviewing the stores camera...
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Anonymous I spy a gimmie pig. I'm betting that you think it was a Target employee cuz of the clothes but who's to say it was? It could have been someone wearing the same colour combinat...


Anonymous Why are you not contacting the police with your evidence instead of Target? Are you wanting to get a huge cash payout from Target?
And yes, exactly what does the Target emp...


Target Credit Card Review

Worst customer service by phone of any credit card company. The supervisor have no more authority than the representatives. The system will not recognize your old card number even though you have not activated your new card number. So you can't get past the automated system when it asks you to enter the entire number of the new card. Their representatives know conteadict each other.

Target Customer Care Review

Bank made a mistake so then target changes me a fee. The amount they charges was greater than the amount I have saved which makes no sense to me so i called and cancelled my account, rep did not offer me to keep it or restore the fees so they have officially lost my business.

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The attached photo is being circulated on FB as an item that Target is marketing. As an African I find the photo to be very offensive. Please tell me this is not in your stores.
Target has lost a loyal customer in me after the horrendous experience I've had with's customer service team. It's so bad that I have to warn others - After repeated attempts to place legitimate orders for home items on, their system kept canceling my orders. I called Target customer service many times and none of their reps could tell me why my orders were being canceled (I tried using my work shipping address instead of...
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DEAR TARGET, I recently placed an order and expected shipping on an earlier date which I pad for. I get an email that shipping was moved to a later date when Id be out of town. So I called to see if they can ship it to a store or a later date, she said it wasn't possible once its been shipped. So I canceled my flight and decided I'd drive instead. Mind you I searched for these specific shelves and proper size to order 3 of the same kind which...
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People at cash register and customer service area, specifically at the Mira Mesa, San Diego location are a bunch of lazy *** employees. I purchased a blouse and wanted to use my Target card to take advantage of the discount. However, I did not have my card with me and asked if I can provide my drivers license and SS# as I have at other Target locations. I was informed I couldn't in a very rude manner. I have been a loyal customer of Target for...
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Anonymous That sounds like an overreaction, but you do you.


KevinRichards Where did you get your fake license from. I know the license is a fake because clearly you are not old enough to be driving. You are obviously six years old because you mist...

Whatever you do, do not shop at Target or especially they have stolen $600.00 from me for an item they supposedly sent to me but I never received and now they will Not refund me because I have no proof I didn't receive it and the shipper UPS said they did deliver it. So they get away with stealing my money because whenever I call them they say there is nothing they can do and refuse to give me any help! I have even hand wrote a letter...
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my mistake my bad Please disregard this review, I just found out that I received the item but my husband was the one at home when the item arrived and he forgot to tell me that the item arrived...

I ordered $1500 worth of out door furniture from the Barclays Credit Card Website Points Center for My credit card was charged the $1,500 for the purchase, a day later I was charged $1,100 from Target for the items that were shipped while the $1,500 charge was still pending. A day after that I was charged $400 for the remaining items with the $1500 charge and $1100 charge still pending. The next day I was again charged $1100 from...
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MattD78 The multiple 'charges' you saw were likely holds not charges. You placed the initial order for $1500 and a hold for this amount was then put in place since retailers cannot ch...

I was at target standing in line to pay for my things and when I went to put my things up on the counter to pay the girl turns off the light and says I'm closed so I go to another cashier. As I look back to the cashier I was just at, she had turned the light back on and was ringing up 2-3 people that weren't even in line when I was in line over there.. every person she rang up was caucasion or Hispanic.. and I'm Asian.. racist much?...
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Top Rated Products Manufactured by Target is horrible. 1. Purchased an egiftcard on their site which didnt work. When I called they said the egiftcards could only be used online (not true), then they stated the ecard was canceled by the purchaser because it was stolen (not true), finally got the *** giftcard to work by signing up for the target app and for their egiftcard program only to have the app crash every time I try to retrieve the giftcards. 2. Had my baby register...
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