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Shopping at Target the other day, I wanted a Starbucks drink. I went to the Starbucks located inside of Target. As I'm walking up the barista, he says strange things to me, but I didn't think much of it. I didn't have my glasses and I know it's not a full Starbucks, so I didn't want to rattle off my normal order so I looked at the menu above. I said "I'm sorry, I am blind so it takes a minute" and the barista said "Well no, you need to tell me what you want now or you're getting nothing".

I asked if they were closing soon and apologized (I work in a restaurant so I know it's a pain) and he said yes. He told me I needed to get something right this minute or I get nothing. I told him that with an attitude like that, I do not want anything.. and walked away. I looked and they still have half an hour of being open.

I don't know who to contact, Target or Starbucks. But I am very upset with the way he acted. I'd be fired if I told a customer to leave 30 minutes before closing at my restaurant, even if deep down I wanted them to leave.

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JohnRico ,Did anyone ask what your NATIONALITY was?If so i must have missed that one ok.The point is the lady should have been treated with respect.After all RESPECT beat's everything.You also need to watch what you say.Because you are WHITE does not mean that YOU ARE RIGHT.This was a *** FOOL OK.And really they should deal with this person" HARSHLY".


You're black aren't you? That's why he treated you that way? I'm white BTW.


y'all some *** idiots for wasting your time on this post. if someone asks for advice, then it is nice to give it.

why are you criticizing eachother? this is a free site where you can voice your opinions about service; not get criticized by some ignorant fucktards who, like me, are up wasting their pathetic lives read all these *** posts.


Right on Ted, Tasha sounds like she has some anger issues. I really love Target and I think that was a bad worker, I would let them know forsure. I hope you got his name.

Tasha you are very rude and quite mean. Seriously, you need to think about what you are "typing" people even on the internet.

What if she was blind or couldnt see ? Do you not care ? Also, I sure would contact Starbucks and Target, those food court type setting dont really take the time to appreciate the customers, Sure they are not making tons of money, But the workers should be happy to have any job in this day and age, he should service up the closing time, anything less is just poor customer service.

Just remember this Tasha when it comes time for you to get something to eat and the place is closing 30 minute before you order your 10 burgers or whatever you are getting. :x

Contact Target, as he is still technically only employed by Target.


Actually Tasha the sign at the entrance said they were still open another half hour. I can read the menu just fine..

I just didn't walk in knowing exactly what I wanted. I don't think it's fair for someone to tell you to order right this minute or get nothing at all when they have half an hour of still being open.

Just because I might "feel" the same way when customers come into my restaurant late, I'd never say such a thing.

What the *** happened to people caring about their jobs and giving real customer service? It's pathetic.



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