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Coupons exist for a reason. The obvious reason being it allows consumers to SAVE MONEY and NOT PAY FULL PRICE!

I refuse to pay full price for anything and I also will not purchase any health or beauty item WITHOUT a coupon! I'm not one of those "crazy couponers" either as some of you call it. I experienced a horrendous experience a few weeks ago at Target on Higgins Road in Schaumburg, Illinois. I was visiting my mother who lives in this area and went to this SuperTarget on a Thursday evening.

My mother does not drive due to a disability and so during my visit she gave me a list of items to get knowing I was going to Target. Among my items were 2 Sonicare Power Up battery toothbrushes along with the replacement heads for them. They were on sale along with a Target gift card and I also had $5 off coupons for the items. I had only 2 toothbrushes and 2 brush heads for myself and 2 of each for my mother, since I had 4 coupons for the toothbrushes and 4 for the replacement heads.

With the sale along with my coupons, it makes this $20 toothbrush affordable. There is NO LIMIT like P&G coupons have. (P&G states there is a limit of 4 like coupons per household per day) Philips Sonicare does not have any type of limit wording on their coupons and yes I was using them correctly! I needed a separate transaction for my mother's items so each transaction only had 2 of each coupon in it.

The cashier called for a supervisor and stated that "she didn't know if she could use ALL of my coupons", like I was using so many! I've seen people use 10-20 coupons in a transaction in the past but seriously, she needed assistance for 4 coupons?? So the supervisor, an old woman by the name of Stephanie comes to the register and intensely inspects every single item like I'm doing something wrong. She then inspects the coupons reading every word.

She states that Target has a "limit" and will only allow me to use 4 coupons TOTAL, regardless of what items I have. I shop Target regularly at home and I KNOW this is not the case. I explained that there is no limit and I'm using all of them correctly. We got into an argument and she ended up picking up my mother's items and telling me she will not sell them to me and basically told me to leave the store!

I purchased my items and proceeded to exit the store. This is a Super Target where it has 2 entrances so as I walked out, I turned around and walked back to the toothbrush section and decided to purchase what my mother needed in the Pharmacy (as I should have to begin with!) The cashier was almost done with my transaction and about to scan my coupons as STEPHANIE appeared as if she had been STALKING me and run over to the pharmacy. (I don't know how she saw me go over there unless she was stalking me, because you cannot see the pharmacy from the entrance of the store or the cash register area, it's a very big store) Stephanie screamed at the cashier that "this customer already used her 4 coupons she can't use any more coupons!!" I was irate and left! I got back to my mother's and told her what happened and looked over my receipt for my one purchase and my anger just escalated.

Here Stephanie made such a federal case over how many coupons I were to use and she OVER CHARGED me! She charged me for 5 items instead of 4, meaning, she scanned one of my items TWICE! My mother lives about 45 minutes from Schaumburg in northern Illinois in Vernon Hills. I was told I would probably have to go back to Schaumburg for the price adjustment so now not only was I charged $20 for an item I never purchased, I have to drive 2 hours round trip to get my $20 back??

Oh and Stephanie writes on my receipt "no return without receipt". Please tell me WHO returns toothbrushes unless you are overcharged or find a sale on an item elsewhere?! I expressed Target this incident and they do not care and I am sure Stephanie is still working at that store.

She makes me sick as does Target for allowing this behavior and treating people who use coupons like we are doing something wrong!! I figured I lost about $60 because of Stephanie because she took my mother's items and would not sell them to me along with the coupons, which is a $20 value, overcharged me for an item I never purchased, $25 and $15 in gas for having to drive around trying to fix her screw up!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Coupon.

Monetary Loss: $60.

  • Schaumburg Super Target
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miamimom2014 may be a parent but she does not know how to read and acts like a six year old child. I am making several posts with the same message because she is slow and it will take a long time for the message to sink in.


miamimom2014 is the real idiotic retard that does not know how to read. Obviously the issue is this person was acting like a child demanding her way insisting she was right about how many coupons that she can use when she was wrong.

Perhaps miamimom2014 needs mommy to read the rest of the review to her about how her first grade classmate was trying to get by the four coupon rule.

The child that went shopping should have checked to see what she was charged for and notice she was charged for five items instead of four. But if miamimom2014's mommy or daddy read the comments to her to what others are posting about she would know it is about the child throwing a temper tantrum when she was told she could not use more than four coupons.


Couponing is such a headache! and is not worth it!!

Honestly, who have the time to go through all of this, and, to really care.. I shop at Target and know that the company bends over backwards to satisfy people. It is usually the people who are very cheap that always complains and hold the lines up..

They basically just want their items for free... I say, get another hobby..qxjdwvz


You should have requested the store manager.


I have been to this Target frequently. I think this alleged customer is lying.

For one thing, this location is not, and never has been, a "Super Target". It is very easy to tell this when you go in as they are missing many grocery items and the "Super Target" in Streamwood is an easy comparison.

Secondly, most Targets are VERY flexible about returns, so all she had to do if this had really happened was go to ANY Target and get the coupons redeemed off the receipt. Finding the proper Target, which isn't difficult, they could also call this store to verify that she did not buy 5 toothbrushes. If she is going all the way to Vernon Hills she would pass at least 7 more Targets on the way.

Although this Target does have a horrific store manager (the Asian one, female), this story seems ridiculous and unlikely at this location, especially considering that this location is not a "Super Target".

Finally, what *** would buy something anyway when they have $5 coupons that are being refused, instead of going to a different store or location or going back later? And how the *** do you not notice TWENTY EXTRA DOLLARS stated on your total when you are only buying one item at a specific price?!

to Raven #854443

I agree with you, I also think the customer is a child rather than an adult, too bad the mother was too disabled to go, the child that shopped there still needs adult supervision to make sure she behaves herself. When this child was asked to leave the store she should have left the store, she is lucky that she was lucky the police were not called.

The manager should have had security escort her out of the store and told her not to return. If this person were an adult she would have known she was overcharged $20 when she went to pay, but being a fourth grader(based on her behavior) her math is poor and she does not realize this until after she got home.

If she is an adult, with her temper I wonder, how her mother became handicapped, did she in anger beat her until she became wheelchair bound? However since she mentioned she drove I believe this is an adult with anger issues who just behaves like she is nine years old.

to Anonymous #921548

Nine year old kids behave better, try more like six.

to KevinRichards Miami, Florida, United States #921655

Obviously a lot of you incompetent idiots didn't read the full story. I can understand where this person was overcharged for an item they didn't receive.

I recall various times I have shopped at Target, (various locations in the Miami area) and have had issues with the cashier being lazy A and sees perhaps 3 of the same item (example: nail polish) yet this lazy deadbeat cashier will pick up just the first nail polish and scan THAT one 3 times when they need to pick up each individual item and scan each item itself, especially since some colors/styles of a certain item may be a different price than others. Also they are hurting Target because this throws off the store's inventory. So you'll get a lazy cashier who thinks they are being slick and scanning one item multiple times to account for 3 and Whoops! This lazy *** scans it 4 times instead of 3 and doesn't even think twice about it because they are supposed to be 'fast' and speedy.

Most times it seems like they rush every customer through the lines and they throw the receipt in the last bag and hand you the bag with a "here you go" not a "thank you".

Your people love to accuse the shopper of being the child when it's 99.99% of the time the cashier and management's fault! Anyone who is not in denial and has actually shopped at a target store and isn't an employee trolling this site can say they have had an issue of some sort at a target in their lives.

to KevinRichards #921900

kevs fixated on 6 year olds and going back to school

Vernon Hills, Illinois, United States #798910

Only a *** artist would tear apart someones story to make it sound "fishy". When I stated my mom "lives in the area", anywhere in the Chicago metro area is "the area" to someone who is from out of town!

Print coupons? What part of "manufactures coupon from the newspaper" did you not understand??

Now not only are you a stalker in the store but a stalker online!! You should be locked away in prison for being such a psycho lunatic!!

Elmhurst, Illinois, United States #798863

Your first lie- in the beginning of your diatribe, you stated your mom lives in the Schaumburg area. Then, at the end of your story, you state that she lives in Vernon Hills.

That's a 21 mile difference. LIAR!!! and where did you 'get' all of those coupons?

did you print them all out yourself??? your story sounds amazingly fishy.


it sounds like you simply took things too far and pissed off the manager. I would have simply just used the coupons that I could have used and gone home, or maybe even shopped somewhere else. I wouldn't have created a scene just because my coupons weren't according to their policy.

to IHateStupidCustomers #854223

SHE DIDN'T, ***! She simply complained and then went to another checkout because they REFUSED HER COUPONS FOR NO REASON.

...Or at least, that's what she would have done if this story was true.

to Raven #854444

They refused this child's coupons because she was abusing the coupon policy. The manager has every right to read every word on the coupon, and the fact that she had a problem with the manager inspecting the coupons makes me wonder if the issue was really the four coupons or if she is lying and using expired coupons.

With her temper I wonder if she hurt her mother so badly that she cannot leave the house.

No wonder the mother moved far from her daughter, the daughter is a disappointment, a child trapped in an adult body. If she did not mention that she drives I would have thought based on her behavior that she is nine years old.

Schaumburg, Illinois, United States #784257

Interesting post. I actually just searched "Target in Schaumburg" because I had a similar experience with an employee by the name of Stephanie at the Target in Schaumburg.

I made a simple return of sweater that did not fit right and went on with my shopping trip. An older woman named Stephanie who worked at the front service counter, appeared in numerous places within this Super Target as I was shopping. Maybe it's just me but it was as if I was being watched even though I was clearly not doing anything wrong or suspicious. When I checked out she came up the the register I was at and hung around and seemed to inspect my transaction.

She made the comment to me of "didn't you just return a sweater just like this?". Ok B, it is none of her business that I just returned a sweater just like the one I was purchasing, only the one I was purchasing was a different color. WTF?? Why would she ask me something so rude??

I had other items, shampoo, cosmetics, etc and I did not have any coupons nor do I come to this store very often, perhaps once a month. I found the experience very discomforting and suspicious on her part but did not say anything because I do not like to make a scene.

Cary, North Carolina, United States #725107

I hope u are not serious Jacob. That is really nasty! You would be arrested if you were caught.


If the coupon is expired, some stores will not get reimbursed by the company the coupon is for, thus the main store losing money and thus raising prices on other things. If the manager was inspecting things meticulously, there might be a history of coupon scammers at that location, so don't take it personal.

The cashier was just doing their job and calling the manager is the best option, they don't want to get in trouble because a customer told them to do something. Ive worked in retail and if you cause commotion pretty much at any retail location, the workers will follow you because they want to keep other customers safe, or make sure you don't do anything you will regret like damage merchandise. (Not that you may do that). Who told you that you would have to drive back to the schaumburg location?

You say that you got charged twice for one item, yet later you say you got overcharged for something you didn't buy? Fishy.

One final thing, if you do cause a scene and act in an uncivilized manner, any store or public establishment does have the right to refuse service, even if that includes calling the authorities.

The customer isn't always right, they just rather do anything to get you out of their store, so if that means doing what you request they'll do it, even if you are clearly wrong.

to Logical1068 #724674

Yes overcharged twice for one item meaning I only purchased one item but charged for two. Read again. All coupons were valid and by the rules.



This is another common tactic of the professional responders.

They sign on with your user name and impersonate you with some kind of cr@p in an effort to make you look like a flake, and your posting invalid and untruthful.

Once again, I suggest the best way for you to deal with them is to completely ignore them. You know you were not involved in any such scam against Target, and so do most of us who follow these postings.

Please take every opportunity though to warn future customers of Target and what they can expect if they use these two businesses.


As we all know, since I'm the REAL "consumerinusa" user name. That ANYONE can type in "consumerinusa" as your alias to respond here. Grow the F up and show your real identity to whoever is pretending to be the REAL CONSUMERINUSA!

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