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Went to the Mission Kansas Target to shop with Daughter who lives in Kansas. I live in Missouri.

We had collectively spent about 200 dollars and i had left her with the receipt to exchange the shoes she had bought, which i too needed to exchange my shoes for a 1/2 size bigger.I had entered the Independence MO store and approached the Customer service Rep i explained that my daughter had the receipt, by the way the shoes were in a Target bag tags still on them and in the box.....purchased Aug 5th and the exchange date 8/11/2011.The Rep stated "If I had used a Debit card hte information could be looked up.When the REP scanned my card and looked at me she than stated i did not purchase anything on that card other than ANOTHER purchase at that Target a few days before (which now i am a frequent Target shopper or shall i say WAS)apparently the computers Do Not intermingle with the KS side.When i called the Manager to explain that his Rep,s were in need of maybe a training moment he got on the defense and was RUDE.So Sad that customer service doesn't mean a thing to any one any more.We work to hard for our dollars to spend them on companies that are so blah-say on how we are treated with there product on the exit end of a deal.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

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I don't work for Target nor have I ever shopped at their stores but I have worked in customer service and the proper return procedure is as follows: As long as the item(s) are returned within 7 days of purchase and still bear the sales and product tags, you should receive a credit reimbursement within 48 hours.

These people sound like they do not know how to do their job. They should be taken through extensive training on how to speak with customers and at least have decent interaction skills.

I am certain that there are other stores that are run a little more efficiently and treat their customers with the respect they are due.

Just my 5cents...


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@Yeah, it does not take a rocket scientist to mimic another person's writing or characteristics. I did not make the buttons comment. What ADULT would let a teenager know they got to them. That's giving away your power.

And was I referring to you when I said Liar, No!. So why are you getting so defensive? (Oh never mind), made the comment about reading where I told the 14yr old I hope she get's assaulted. Which was untrue(LIAR!)

What I did say is, "Life circumstances tend to handle disobedient children like her." That is in no way a reference to rape. It's called Karma what you put out into the world you will get back ten fold. Ever watch a Christmas Carol or heard of the saying, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?" Think before you speak!!!!

@don't believe anything consume, I did not reply to the 14 year old yesterday and have not replied to her for some time. Someone else signed up using the same USID. So your theory is completely wrong just like you. I am using one and only USID to make responses unlike some coward's who are trying make it seems as if different people are commenting. I don't need the attention neither do I wonder about you like you are wondering about me.

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Hello sweet people this is Consumer000 not consumer000, please know the difference, especially @Sick,@Actually Sarah,@I Agree and @Oh never mind (Liar)!

I haven't posted since 8/23/2011. I have said nothing about anyone being raped nor would I. I said I would stop responding to certain people and Fake USID's and I have.

But please continue with your frivolous arguing, it's very entertaining reading during my downtime.

@consumer000 You have me laughing hysterically!


in case you don't know about target they are owned by the french.. all of our money is going to france, in which they hate american's after we bailed their arses out in ww2 , they don't support our troops or vets who try to raise money for our troops who are serving and have served, no they are willing to let foreigners ask for our money, or how about the gays,they support their decisions.

do you ever see the boys or girls scouts asking to buy cookies out front etc?.

anything political they put their hands out and ask for more. boycott target kick them out of the states they don't deserve our money they start supporting our troops i might buy from them


"I mean it's not like I am black and or a teenager who would steal."

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Tasha rocks.

Mount Sinai, New York, United States #333128

It's unfathomable that you have so much time on your hands that you can comment on something you don't have a stake in, loser.STFU.


Now ... back to the original complaint.

Jawmaw clearly stated that Target would not allow her to return her purchase for a shoe only a half larger size. In today's economic market, this is unfathomable and very poor customer support. I cannot see where all of the subsequent arguments regarding someone's age, or whatever new silly argument between two or three parties have anything to do with Target's extraordinary bad business practices. If the defense parties herein want to continue shopping or working with Target, then that is their prerogative.

Arguing with every complaintant and cursing or insulting them does not change the basic fact - Target deals horribly with its return customers and will not stand behind their sales. Plain and simple, let those who will answer honest complaints with tasteless and childish rants. It does not alter the fact that this site is profitable in getting word out of Target's deceitful practices and their terrible misuse of their customers. Money talks.

We are in economic slow times and money will talk to Target and their executives once their business is affected by the bad publicity we are getting out on this and other web sites. Personal attacks only distract from the essential message - Target will have to revamp their business practices or lose honest, hard working customers.


Oh and it's funny how new USID's pop up either right before or after Tasha's responses. And all singing the same tune, Mmmn, definitely the same person.

Someone is trying to solicit attention by using diversion tactics. I don't want to shower anymore attention on Tasha whether it be direct or indirect.



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As for people being helpful, whoever offered a positive remark, I replied to, so you are WRONG again.

By the way your name suits you.

And Target's Customer Service still sucks!


It's so funny how many people continue to complain about my so-called argumentative posts YET THEY ARE DOING THE SAME EXACT THING BY CONTINUOUSLY POSTING THEIR TWO CENTS,IRONY!!!!

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@No offense the fact that you posted a comment,says much more about your maturity then it does mine.

I will continue to post as I see fit, it is a free country.

Why don't you so-called informed people save your advice for the adolescence playing on this website. Who by the way is constantly posting on several threads trying to get me to respond to her. Starved for attention much?


@ KAY13, in your case I will show humility because I did think you were talking to me so I apologize, and to your statement I have more life then you will ever know.

@ Will You Stop and Yeah, Yes I have posted several times, TO ONLY THREE THREADS!

If you two are so mature you would have realized I originally posted about my experience with Target. When I was insulted by two underage teenagers playing games. If you check just about every post about Target you will that these two have made insulting comments on just about every one of them.

The problem is NOT ME it is the parents who are not watching their children. My only hope is that they do not get themselves into any serious trouble online that there parents can't get them out off.

Next time before making a uninformed statement about someone make sure you know all the facts.

@ Yeah, for you to say I'm trolling you would have to be trolling yourself,irony at it's best.

@Will You Stop, I have offered advice whether it be about Target, racism, or discrimination. Ignorance seems to be rampant on these Target post and seems to be the greater threat then bad customer service by the Retailer.

I will continue posting as long as I have something to say regardless of what anyone has to say.


I read with interest your complaints regarding the Target stores. I cannot understand how Target has its systems set up or how they cannot resolve issues as simple as a return on their own computers.

They treat every customer as a potential thief and proceed to their next tactic, which is rudeness and ridicule. Customer service is non-existent with this company. They have never worked with any person I have ever talked with or read about. It defies logic in today's tough economy when we can take our business to so many other establishments and be treated with respect and helpfulness.

Please use this experience to pass your message forward onto all of your friends, relatives, co-workers and acquaintances. Please also refer them to this site, "" so that they can know about the treatment the general public is subjected to by trying to do business with a business retailer. I am very happy to report that the message is being spread widely and quickly and people are refraining from doing business with them. Please also ignore the foolish comments being made and press on with your message.

I assure you, it is being taken very seriously by many people. Adding you to the effort, more and more people will know to stay away from a retailer who has no concern for customer service, much less the consumer.

Thank you again for your listing. It will help get the message out that Target is a place best passed by.

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