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there are many other ethnic groups in america why is we must cater to illegals ? this is pure insanity pretty soon english will be the second this should be an outrage to all peoples born here,they are taking back texas as i look around all over houston all i see is illegals look around america they ll take it back without firing a shot ,sam houston rolling over in his grave lets open the flood gates and let 11 million more in they bring thier diseases and thier CUSTOMS to make everything like home pretty soon american flag will be replaced by mesican flag whats with this sotajo verification code ?

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New York, New York, United States #670943

You do understand that "illegals" are The Part of the equation that keeps our produce costs at food markets so low (affordable), otherwise we would be paying 6, 7, 8 X's as much for our produce, as we do now.... Right?

Lets get rid of illegals and force all companies in the USA to pay ALL OF THEIR WORKERS MINIMUM WAGE. Hmm, something tells me the prices of All Goods would rise exponentially, so that PROFITS could still be made.

Yep. Most of us Americans couldn't afford life.


This complaint was filed right after they used the promo code bigot at the KKK on line super store. Needed a new eye hole puncher for their sheet

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #669984

Cater to illegals? So of course you assume all Hispanic people in this county are here illegally?

You certainly do your racist views no service by posting this poorly worded review, I'm guessing there are plenty of other "ethnic groups" who have a better grasp of the English language than you.

F@^k!ng j@ck@$$.

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