I am livid! We are living in America and our National language is ENGLISH, NOT Spanish!

Why are you discriminating against us? We speak German and Italian in our home. My sister-in-law's family speak Lebanese. Why are you discriminating against them and all the other bi-lingual families in America?

ENGLISH is this country's language.

We are so tired of the pandering to one ethnic group over others.

We are a melting pot of so many ethnicities but our common language is ENGLISH and for that reason we expect respect from a corporation as large as Target. Since you can't make the commercial in multiple languages, it should be in ENGLISH!

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Stick it target I spend a lot of money at target, NO MORE


Every time I see it I really can't believe it. Hope target can make a go of it without my business


I agree I am sick of having to watch and listen to them!!


Target take you Spanish speaking commercials and stick it. You want to cater to Hispanics?

Fine. You lost this customer. Why pander? The almighty buck that important?

They need to learn English or go home and speak Spanish wherever home is.

My grandparents assimilated. Why can't they?


Why not in Swahili, Polish, Chinese, etc. We were an English speaking country.

Not anymore. My grandparents assimilated. Why can't Spanish speakers. We didn't ask you to come here.

You choose to.



Bronx, New York, United States #863607

This is AMERICA speak English or GTFO. I am so sick and tired of people having to cater to some douche, because they don't speak English.

Hey, it's not my fault, if you don't like it, by all means leave this country. Personally I they should close the boarders PERIOD! Citizens are paying taxes in this country for illegals to come over and suck the welfare t!t. They turn around and send all that money they get from welfare, and send it back to their own country.

FACTS ARE FACTS! You dumb@ss liberals are so blinded you can't see past your nose or just uninformed about what's going on today.

Franconia, Pennsylvania, United States #697554

The United States of America does not have a "National" or "Primary" language.

Besides...If you had ever actually been outside the U.S. (especially to a nation that hosts people of multiple ethnicities/nationalities), you would know that it's very common to see signs/commercials/ads in languages other than the national language.

And if you have been to another country, I'd be willing to bet that you have benefited from the willingness of people in other nations to speak ENGLISH to YOU, even if it is not their national language.

I'm also sorry that something so minor has so seriously upset so many people. Life must be difficult for you.

to Perspective Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #697569

I think it's hilarious that so many people are complaining about not understanding ADVERTISEMENTS... I don't know about you, but I usually complain about ads and commercials I CAN understand...

to Perspective Los Angeles, California, United States #1087055

english is the primary language in the united states of america..... and we arnt in other countrys we are in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

If we wanted to be a citizen of germany or ect. we would have to learn the primary language that is spoken in that country.....

and in this case its america... I dont want to go to disneyland hand hear keep your hands inside the ride at all times in spanish.....

to Perspective #1155048

If we don't LIVE in their country and they want to help out by getting out money for tourism -- that's one thing. We go home to our country where ENGLISH is the language. And, if they visit, and need help and I speak their language, I'll do in turn.

Orlando, Florida, United States #687548

I just wonder if they are playing english commercials on the spanish stations.

Seattle, Washington, United States #678991

This country's language is English and everyone who comes here should learn to speak it. If you go to any country with a primary language you can guarantee you better learn to speak the language or you're just lost and they make no exceptions to their rules. Therefore, why should America bend over backwards to accommodate, either you learn English or you don't that's on you.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada #678529

Deal with it Spanish is your countries second language

to George #679605

And this is written where, exactly, in our laws?

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #674735

So sick of hearing the Spanish Target commercial. I guess they are getting the rest of us conditioned for the inevitable as what all of America will be like in the near future. :cry
Dallas, Texas, United States #674511

Guess who lived on this land before English speakers? Yes, American Indians.

But who else? Oh! Those Spanish speakers! Riggghhhhht.

They were here before us. Maybe they should have some rights. How am I so privy to such top secret information you ask?

I live in texas and I took 5th grade history! (And by the bye I am very cracker white)

to Julie #1087057

you are also very unintelligent, history is history, we took this country stole it how every you left wing people want to think.

If we took this country or founded it and made it a civilization and our language is english.... guess what this isnt the american indians land no more or the spanish.....

or mexican....

Its the united states of america where we speak english that was passed on by our founding fathers who sepereated from the king.

I highly doubt you are "cracker white" because that is discraceful to say about yourself. is it julie or HULIE

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States #673567

I don't care what the commercial is saying. It's Target and the only thing I ever bought there was such junk that I returned it and will never waste my time there again.

Los Angeles, California, United States #673258

English is not technically the U.S national language on paper.. But, if it was meant to be any other language then english, why did the founding father write the constitution in english?


English is supposed to be. You can argue all you want it.

to NotBornYesterday Franconia, Pennsylvania, United States #697556

The Declaration was written in English because the audience was the King of England (and the colonists writing to him were English colonists).

I'm sure if it was solely up to Thomas Jefferson, the Constitution would have been written in French...French or Latin certainly would have been more globally relevant in that time period.

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