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I was.disappointed to.see this.commercial Target and.Channel 7. Its true..we are a melting pot..but English first.

There are channels dedicated to other cultures that.wouldnt have ours in English...if we cant be all inclusive everywhere then get.rid of.it all. stick with English. ive worked in marketing. we arent ready.for this progressive test commercials.

on a.other note..having to submit a.complaint.of.100 words is.even additionally frustrating. but yes..i think there is a reason i should stay away.from channel.seven and i think im.gonna lose my buying relationship with Target. It was.still prime.time..really? really pushy.

if.i want to.watch commercials.i.dont understand.not geared toward the.majority then io disagree.

another.culture.woukd never.allow.this. dont pretend it.would.

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Agreed...Targwt..advertise on univision and other spanish channels.Keep the English channels free of spanish advertising. They already record over the english ones on their spanish only channels.

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