went to the target cicero NY store looking for sony camcorder on sale the clerk stated they were out of stock even though they showed they should have had 3 in stock i asked her to check if the clay NY store had any she did so they showed 3 in stock so I drove the 9 miles to that store when i reached the electronics dept the 3 sales clerks that were there socializing about the camcorder none of them replied they just looked at me I then asked again the girl that was one of the 3 finally replied she did not not think they had any I told her I was at the other store and told her the it was checked she replied i will see if I find 1 thought this was a little odd without checking they didn't have any ????? rally them I said sell me the display model she said she couldn't I asked for the manager he agreed to sell me the display after I accused Target on offering item on sale then pulling the stock for the next 20 minutes the clerks attempted to remove the anti theft device which i also think was a set up from the crooked manager will never buy from Target they are dirty and so are the employees

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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