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My complaint isn't anything huge or urgent. I was just reading through complaints and thought I would post what happened in a store. This was the Columbia heights, Minnesota Target. Well, I spent maybe 30 minutes shopping, no biggie. I went to the checkout and the lady was irritated with something. I put my stuff on the belt, and she irritably told me that its my job to take the coupons off the products, and that she would not take them off.

I just thought it was kind of rude, and uncalled for. I myself work for Kmart, and wouldn't imagine talking to a customer like that.

Just thought I would share that with you guys.

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Target is horrible with customer service and customer satisfaction.

If you expect to have any kind of ability to rectify a problem, should one occur, you should shop anywhere expect Target.

Their customer service department is rude and 800 number is no different.

They will NOT help you if you encounter a problem.


Seems like TARGET goes out of its way to hire NASTY employee's. Seems like lots of very unhappy employee's and you have to wonder is the CEO unhappy with his pay, are the board members unhappy with the pay, time off, holidays.

Why are the EMPLOYEES so unhappy.

Seems like they think the CUSTOMERS ARE EVIL,BAD.. But without the CUSTOMERS THEY would not have a job.LOL

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #722292

I'd have talked to a manager about her rude are correct, customers deserve better.

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