We bought an X-box 360 elite for a Christmas present for our son, we also bought three years extended coverage. After a year and two months the unit started to intermittently not read discs. This got progressively worse until it stopped working entirely.

I called the warranty number and was treated very nicely, the operator even told me "it doesn't read discs, right" without me telling her. She sent all the paperwork to send it in.

It was back to us in a week and a half with a form letter with five or six reasons for them to void the warranty. The top one on the list "liquid damage" was circled and they said the warranty was voided. This console was never wet. The failure was not an immediate happening like spilling something in it would cause.

I have called and tried to discuss this but all I get is "this is the repair facilities call". I was told there are pictures showing rust and corrosion but they will not show these pictures to me, that it is against company policy. I asked if normal humidity might cause these symptoms. At this point the rep from Target told me "no" and that there "was nothing else that I could do about it". The result is we spent $344.99 plus tax and Target will not stand behind their sale. I will take my purchases elsewhere if this is how Target treats its customers.

When we sent the game in for repair I was so happy that I had purchased it from Target and had bought the extended coverage. I had no idea that a firm of Target's size and reputation would respond in this manner. I am really disappointed with this entire experience.

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NEW Corp. is the plan adminstrator and call center that handles the warranty calls.

If Target Executive Team knew of this type of rejection, they'd fire NEW.

"Rust and corrosion" - c'mon - I suppose the TV was outside as well. OP has a class action beginning.


Target isn't involved in a huge conspiracy to screw people out of their warranties. If your item is covered and the problem is not user created, they will fix it.


She didn't spill anything on it. Target decided that is what happened. She did not void the warranty, Target did, because I have recently found out they have an unbelievably terrible customer service department, and they do not listen to the issue, and although they will agree to correct the problem, in the end you will wait a very long time for anything from them.


Liquid damage voids any warranty. This would have happened regardless of where you bought the system. Next time take better care of your things.

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