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Very Disapointed in Target's return system. I purchased a 40" Element LCD HDTV on black Friday for $265 with the protection plan.

When I opened my tv up it is broken. I contacted the Target where I bought it from Largo Mall (Largo, FL) Target and Danielle (an HR manager) stated that they would not have any replenishment and that I could bring it back for my money back or to recieve a discount on the damaged set! I did not wait in line for 2+ hours to own a damaged tv right out of the box. My protection plan stated that my tv set would not be covered either because it is cosmetic damage, even though the product was unwrapped damaged.

I was a regular shopper at that store. They will NOT see me shopping there anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

Monetary Loss: $265.

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Original Poster, please be aware you are absolutely in the right and should be allowed to exchange the item. I think some of the people who responded saying different didn't grasp the fact that the (making numbers up) $250 you paid on on Black Friday got you a $500 TV.

Only getting the cash back in my opinion would be unethical and possibly illegal.People- Target makes tons of money. So do all the retailers participating in Black Friday. This is not a favor to us. There are are industry norms and one of those is that if you are sold a defective product that you will be taken care of, at no loss.

Target was advertising a functioning product, she receieved a non functioning product, she should be offered an acceptable replacement. If not, it's false advertising and just rude.


It's NORMAL for special Black Friday deals to be a one time only thing. The stores don't normally carry that item so why would they have replacements? Take the refund and be happy you are even allowed that.


I hope you actually did get a refund from Target. They are notorious for keeping your money once they get it - damaged product or not.

Most often they offer a gift card to the store, but they fight to stop you from actually getting your cash back or credit back to your credit card. If you had success, great.

You would be one of the very lucky survivors of their terrible return policies.

The fact that they sold you a BROKEN TV set in the first place is unthinkable. I am sure that was the last thing you expected when you opened the box.

Welcome, you have joined the legions of disgruntled "guests" that have learned their lessons the hard way - never deal with a company who tries to defraud you!t


Apparently, spamming the screen will get yourself attention. Just another whiny customer, not getting HER way done.

And no, items don't magically pop out of thin air. Employees are not your magicians or secretly have a stash of stuff waiting exclusive for you.

You win the LMAO prize of the day, Des10rob :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :zzz :zzz :p :p :p

I agree with Simon. YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK.....in case you missed that part.

If they don't have any in stock, they don't have any in stock. It's the day after the biggest shopping day of the year. They will be out of a lot of items.

The restocking fairy cant restock everything in one night. Genius


I agree, this is my first off-brand tv. I previously have owned all SONY tvs and have had no issues when they have gone beyond their warranty.

The reason for this tv was the sale and for a replacement for my 32" Bravia. I am a single mother of two and buying a 40" off brand tv for our living room was a gift to us. I did not have the money to buy this tv but was given it to spend on a tv.

What a waste of money given to us. My friends sister has the same tv and hers has no issues.


element isn't necessarily the best brand of tv out there. when i have returns on tv's, element is one of the brands that seems to have the most issues.

You can try calling other target stores in your area to see if they still have the tv in stock, and do the exchange there. Or, you can just get your money back &invest in a good television.


You would think that they would replenish their stock so that damaged goods could be returned. That is not unreasonable when they are still selling this TV online.


Let me get this strait: You received damaged goods. They do not have any replacements, so they offered you your money back.

Sounds pretty fair to me.

The fact that you waited in line like a baffoon for this TV means nothing.

A full refund is all you're entitled to. Quit being a baby.

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